The Democrats once again are doing what they do best⏤by doing the ridiculous. This time, in a last ditch effort, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is out of their ever-loving vicious mind, and now has drafted and sent a six-page memo strategizing the plan to damage President Trump at today’s scheduled five-hour Mueller hearing. This will be in addition to whatever Robert Mueller presents in his testimony.

We have now learned, that Mueller has added a surprise guest, his Chief of Staff, Aaron Zebley. It should be noted that the Justice Department had banned him from testifying, in accordance with U.S. House Rules. But, House Chairmen Jerrold Nadler of the Judiciary Committee and Adam Schiff of the Intelligence Committee have ignored and violated House rules, along with Speaker Pelosi and decided to allow Mr. Zebley to participate.

In a sense, this is what I am calling a “last ditch coup attempt” on the part of the Democrats to attempt, by any means necessary, to attempt and to try to take down President Trump⏤and or at the very least, to try again to damage him both personally, or try to place a semblance of doubt in the minds of most Democrats. Of course, what they don’t get or realize it is this type of act and actions that is driving more Democrats from their party and at the same time increasing the number of Americans who are gravitating toward supporting President Trump…in droves mind you!

So in essence, the Pelosi and the Democrats have or are trying to turn the Mueller hearing today into a coup, albeit one of desperation. Or at the very least, a continuation of the ongoing “silent coup”.

Earlier this week, it was Republican and Conservative Congressional Representative Jim Jordan who alerted the public to a startling change in the Mueller panel for the hearing. Jordan noted that at the last minute, Mueller added his chief of staff, the man who worked on the ‘obstruction portion’ of the report. Jordan reported that Aaron Zebley (Mueller’s Chief of Staff) would be allowed to sit along-side on the witness panel with Mueller. Congressman Jordan further stated that, “You don’t get to change the rules right before kickoff, especially after a 22-month, $30 million investigation.”

For those following the whole Mueller case, it is important to understand the significance of this is Aaron Zebley, again, a close deputy to Mueller, worked on the ‘obstruction of justice’ portion of the now bogus Russia Collusion investigation. It should be noted also that on July 10, the DOJ prevented Zebley’s testimony before the Democrat-led House Committees. Both Mueller and the U.S. House of Representatives, led by Nancy Pelosi, is now violating the rules and essentially, sneaking him in as a witness at the 11th hour. This was in collaboration with both Representatives Nadler and Schiff, as well as the Mueller team.

Secondly, and equally interesting, as well as extremely troubling yet again, is the hardline and illegal attempt⏤or should I call the desperate and insane strategy by Speaker Pelosi and her fellow Democrats to use Congressional hearings for political purpose. The Democrats politicization, as they do of everything, in this case, of a formal Congressional procedure, should anger every American.

In a last ditch effort, although not surprising, Speaker Pelosi drafted a six-page memo to all members of the Democrat Caucus on Tuesday in preparation for today’s hearing. The House Chairs Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff said it will break through the President’s “alleged” lies.

Pelosi issued a memo summarizing the findings of the Mueller report that are the most harmful to the President, despite the fact that they are essentially null and void as a result of the whole Russia Collusion scandal. While, these are nothing new, they are drawn directly from the Mueller Report, which again, has already been disproven and deemed to be uneventful with no wrong doing or providing no substantial findings or conclusions, i.e.; “Made-up.”

Nevertheless, in her infinite wisdom, the Speaker wants to take advantage of the Mueller hearing as he appears before the judiciary committees and the intelligence committees⏤for yet again, another pointless bullshit session and charade.

According to those who have seen Pelosi’s strategy memo, the first four pages are a collection of what Pelosi and her staff sees as the most important and damaging quotes from Mueller’s report.

Next, pages five and six of Pelosi’s memo, addresses and speaks to how the Democrat Caucus will try to continue this fight in the fall (2019), using the same tactics Congress implemented post-Watergate⏤that being a mixture of more aggressive oversight, and passing sweeping reforms to combat money in politics, and promote government ethics and transparency. All bullshit on the part of the Democrats.

The Democrat leadership through a number of the aides said on Tuesday that they will also launch a “social media campaign” to coincide with Mueller’s testimony, in which they are asking and directly working with celebrities, entertainers, and outside supporters to retweet passages from the report.

In addition, the Democrat Caucus also noted, they will also be preparing a “war room” to deal with rapid response messaging. This again, is all standard practices and tactics of the Democrat Party going all the way back to the Bill Clinton era. Mid to long term, the Mueller hearing will add fresh video and audio sound bites critical of the President by Democrat Committee members to be used in Democrat campaign ads and the mainstream media’s news stories for the 2020 election.

In the Hearing today, the House Intelligence Committee led by Chairman Schiff, will focus on Volume 1: Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, while the House Judiciary Committee, led by Nadler, will focus on Volume 2: ‘possible instances of obstruction of justice’ by President Trump. In this effort, Chairman Nadler will pursue the testimony of both former Trump White House staffers Don McGahn and Hope Hicks. They plan to go over a line that reads, “if we could trust that the President clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said that.”

By this point after the 2-plus years of the Mueller probe and investigation, people should understand that the Mueller report was written to keep open the possibility of impeachment, period. That was the sole purpose. With that in again in their desperate attempt to damage and destroy President Trump, the Democrats will continue by any means necessary to use it to impeach the President. This time in the Mueller hearing today, they are trying to swing public opinion towards the idea.

As I have said before and will continue to say, sadly, this is a continuation of the “silent coup” and nothing is being done to stop it. This partisan effort, as has been witnessed time and time again since the election of President Trump, the Democrats brazenly move ahead. As I predicted in November 2018, this would be the primary mission of the Democrats in this Congress. They are derelict as elected members of Congress⏤they have done no work whatsoever since they took over the House last November. All they do and have done is spend every single dollar of their tax-payer salaries, while calling for raises on top of that⏤ to attack the President and Conservative Republicans, and worse Americans.  Image: AP Photo