It is truly disgusting and disheartening to watch and listen to the blatant immoral and unjust attempts made by Socialist Democrats and their stooges in the media since the first day Trump became President to unseat him using the most egregious and underhanded lies and deceptions to achieve their nefarious goal.

They started it all with their treasonous and false “dossier” about Russian and Trump collusion to win the Presidency.

For the last three years and continuing, all that Americans and the world have been reading and watching in the news is against RUSSIA, Putin and Trump as the deadliest ENEMIES of the USA.

From where I am across the pond, and to put it mildly: BULL CRAP!

Dear Americans

I am an Iraqi in exile who does not have an axe to grind with Republicans or Democrats but who has been following and studying these subjects for over 30 years.

Not a single main line News Media is telling the TRUTH about Putin, Russia or Trump, therefore let me share with you the following FACTS:

The Communist Soviet Union was a mortal enemy of the USA; NOT Russia after the COLLAPSE of Communism⏤because the Soviet Union had a mandate to spread Communism all over the world. Putin’s Russia not only has no such mission but is incapable of achieving it even if they wanted to because of severe economic and industrial limitations.

President Reagan agreed with Gorbachev for obvious reasons of security, NOT to encroach upon the borders of Russia.

Obama had been doing just this during his eight years. Putin ONLY occupied the Crimea and a slither of the eastern part of the Ukraine AFTER the USA and EU helped OVERTHROW the pro Putin prime minister of the Ukraine and replaced him with one pro Obama.

The Crimea had been part of Russia since Catherine the Great and became part of the Ukraine in 1954 at the whim of Premier Nikita Khrushchev (Ukrainian) WITHOUT full Politburo agreement. The Crimea also harbours the entirety of the Russian Black Sea fleet. Moreover, both the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine areas have majority Russian nationals.

Russians LOVE Americans and do their utmost to emulate them. Russians are NOT enemies of Americans. Putin is NOT a threat to the USA.

DJ Trump and Putin are practical patriotic leaders who KNOW that war between them would be cataclysmic and the only WINNERS would be Muslims and China.

Ironically, candidate Trump opined During the campaign in August 2016 and dared to say this:

“Wouldn’t it actually be wonderful if we could get along with Russia? Wouldn’t that be nice?”.

Fair minded Americans should understand, that tens of thousands of careers and jobs are threatened in the ‘Deep State’ by what Trump declared because these pundits, diplomats, academics, think tanks, etc. have sustained living off the taxpayers’ money since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

They are keeping their jobs because they are continuing the same mind set of the previous 70 years although the whole of the political landscape had completely changed.

To prove my point, this past week, State Department veteran George Kent – one of the witnesses who testified on the hearings’ first day –  explained that conflict with Russia is the ENTIRE point of American foreign policy:

He said, “Ukraine’s success is very much in our national interest, in the way we have defined our national interests broadly in Europe for the past 75 years. … A Europe truly whole, free and at peace — our strategic aim for the entirety of my foreign service career — is not possible without a Ukraine whole, free and at peace, including Crimea and Donbas, territories currently occupied by Russia.”

This is the most amazing and at the same time disturbing statement ever made in front of the Democrats and the American people when an American career diplomat asserts that the borders of far-away⏤Ukraine is MORE sacrosanct and more important to America’s National Security than securing the borders of the USA; yet not a single member of congress or any of the media pointed out this absolutely irrational declaration.

Why Russia and not Islam and China when both of them pause an existential threat to the USA?

Having failed miserably to convict President Trump after the collapse of one of the most expensive (30-40 million of taxpayers’ dollars) and utterly unnecessary Mueller investigation, the Democrats changed their tune repeatedly to find any other means, legal or ILLEGAL to remove a duly elected President from office.

The latest ignoble excuse is the alleged ‘impeachable’ phone call with the newly elected president of the Ukraine accusing Trump of trying to find dirt on Biden and his son.


Why would Trump need to find dirt on Biden or his son, when every American who watches the news saw on their screen, Biden BOASTING how he PRESSURED the Ukraine government (a blatantly clear ‘Quid pro Quo’) to remove an investigator regarding the dealings between Biden’s son and corrupt business people and politicians in the Ukraine?

Did not Biden actually interfere DIRECTLY into the internal affairs of an allegedly sovereign state? Why was he not impeached? Why are the Democrats and all the media DEFENDING Biden for his egregious political misdeed while accusing the President – with total lack of evidence – that he was threatening the president of the Ukraine to find ‘dirt’ on Biden as a Quid pro Quo?

Dear readers, the COMMON enemy of the USA, Russia, China, India, Israel and ALL other none Muslim humanity (currently 80% of humanity) called Infidels/ Kuffar, are MUSLIMS and Islam.

Since 9/11, there have been OVER 40,000 terrorist attacks by Muslims against none Muslims (mostly CHRISTIANS) all over the globe.

Under Obama’s watch, the most PERSECUTED people on Earth have been CHRISTIANS by Muslims and Obama, Democrats, leftists, pope Francis, most of the American and European church leaders and so called liberals NEVER uttered a word.

Of course, not ALL Muslims are Terrorists BUT most assuredly ALL Terrorists against Infidels are MUSLIMS!

All the garbage about Russia’s hacking deviates from and obfuscates the FACT that these REVELATIONS showed how CORRUPT both the Media and the Democrats really are.

DJ Trump would have won anyway because his vision of America was MUSIC to the ears of tens of millions of Americans who have been subjected to DRACONIAN Political Correctness, mindless Thought Control for eight years and they have at last a LEADER who has energized them with HOPE and a Light at the End of the Tunnel.

I have absolutely no doubt that if given the opportunity, the two Christian leaders DJ Trump and Putin would get on extremely well and a new era of excellent relationships would blossom given good will and sagacity.

They must together resolve the Syria and Ukraine conflicts and concentrate on EXTERMINATING all vestiges of ISIS and Muslim terrorists all over the globe and exposing the TRUTH about Islam with the help of other like-minded leaders and nations.