A violent, far-Left terrorist organization, ironically called Antifa (“anti-fascist”), spent last weekend beating people with crowbars and bats in Portland. They also maced passersby and threw “milkshakes” (reportedly mixed with quick-dry cement, which causes burns and possible blindness) in people’s faces.

One journalist, Andy Ngo, who was covering Antifa’s demonstrations, was brutally beaten and sent to the hospital with a brain hemorrhage. Apparently, Antifa specifically targeted Ngo for violence because of Ngo’s conservative views on certain issues. Ngo is a gay, Asian-American.

To recap: a violent Leftist gang claiming to be fighting against fascism singled out a gay minority in the streets and beat the hell out of him because he dares to think differently from them. Who are the fascists again?

But wait! There’s more! This was the top trending story on Twitter for days and, aside from Andrew Yang (a guy who genuinely seems like a reasonable person despite his terrible ideas), not a single Democrat presidential candidate has spoken out against Antifa yet. Several of them, however, did find time to fiercely criticize Donald Trump Jr. for retweeting something. So, you know, priorities.

Unfortunately, last weekend in Portland is what a typical Antifa gathering is like. It’s always violent. That’s literally their purpose—to confront the “Nazis” and physically assault them. And the Leftist media and many democrat politicians have endorsed this.

Why wouldn’t they? Everyone hates Nazis. Even though civil and rational people don’t advocate for violence, if we’re honest, none of us felt particularly bad when racist scumbag Richard Spencer was decked in the face in front of the camera at a demonstration. That’s perhaps partly why Antifa hasn’t been widely condemned—their claimed enemy is an ideology that the vast majority of Americans utterly loathe.

The problem is that the far-Left’s definition of “Nazi” extends beyond actual Nazis. Apparently, even gay, Asian-American journalists who hold to some conservative views fit this category.

Basically, according to the far-Left, anyone to the right of Karl Marx is a Nazi these days. Therefore, according to the far-Left, those who think differently from them deserve to have violent action taken against them. And the fact that all but one of the thousand or so Democrat presidential candidates doesn’t condemn Antifa is disconcerting to say the least.

If even the leaders of a major political party can’t publically condemn a violent gang of street thugs, I truly fear for our country. We can only pray that a Democrat doesn’t become president next November. Actually, we can do another thing: vote.

For whom should we vote? I recommend voting for the only thing standing in the way of the radical Democrats—the Republican Party. They might not be perfect, but at least they don’t refuse to condemn domestic terrorism.  Image: ABC News Video Feed