Warning labels are everywhere nowadays, they permeate our society and commerce. “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear;” “Poison;” “Warning, Coffee is hot.”  Just about every product or service offered in this country now contains a warning label of some sort or another.

It’s often said that we can thank the lawyers for all of these often ridiculous warning labels. Certainly the legal establishment shares some of the blame, but perhaps more at fault is just the plain old stupidity of people. After all, if STIHL has to put a warning label on their product telling people “Do not to touch the wrong end of a chain saw”, that must mean that somebody somewhere actually did that at least once! Either that or STIHL has so little faith in people that they believe someone might actually do that one day.

I can think of a few more products that ought to have warning labels if they don’t already have one, “DO NOT EAT TIDE PODS, DUMBASSES” shouldn’t be necessary, but obviously as we have seen it is more than needed. Electric hair dryers shouldn’t have to put a warning label on their product telling people not to use a blow dryer in the shower, but they have one. Some idiot somewhere is taking a dirt nap right now because they tried to blow dry their hair while taking a shower or sitting in the tub.

But I believe there’s another warning label that I think is long overdue and way more important for our protection and safety, and that’s a warning label for our Democracy. What we witness every day in Congress clearly shows us that in addition to “Keep out of the reach of children,” we also need a new label that says something to the effect of “Warning, Term Limits Required.”

I think we all know who I’m talking about when I suggest a label to prevent children from getting their hands on our democracy, but she gets enough media coverage already so I’m not going to add to her ego-stroke. Suffice it to say that if you looked up ‘clueless’ in the dictionary there’d be a photograph of this youngster, likely peeking over the top of a neighborhood bar somewhere in New York.

She likes to lecture us on everything, but she knows absolutely nothing about anything. She also has a really bad habit of just making things up to fit her political narrative. Reminiscent of what children do when telling a real whopper to grownups.

Of course what the youngster does isn’t different from what the entire Socialist Democrat Party does on a daily basis. Lying is second nature to Nancy Pelosi and her caucus, as well as Chuck Schumer and his party colleagues in the Senate. As is hypocrisy. Any time a Socialist Democrat appears on television there should be a warning flashed across the TV screen, “BULLSHIT ALERT”, just to prepare viewers for what’s to come.

For many decades now the Socialist Democrats have been lying to the black community in America, making promises to them that they have no intention of trying to keep. Every election season the Socialist Democrats make campaign promises to black Americans that never come to fruition once the votes have been cast and the election is over.

They spew out garbage about racism and that Republicans are trying to “suppress the black vote”, when the truth is that Republicans are only interested in protecting the votes of all Americans  – including the votes of black America – by preventing voter fraud.

Requiring proper registration and identification are not efforts to “suppress the vote”, they are simply common sense steps that need to be taken to protect the integrity of our elections.

Sadly the Socialist Democrats rely on voter fraud since they offer nothing to legitimate voters other than lies, claims of racism, and empty promises. Certainly an appropriate warning label after every election season for the black community should be “It’s election time, here they come again.”

But there is one difference this election season. With the lowest unemployment rate for black America in history, rising wages, and criminal justice reform and other efforts to change the repeat cycle of prison that has caused so much damage to the black community, whenever President Donald Trump speaks it should be preceded with the flashing message, “Promises made, promises kept!”

President Trump has done more for all Americans than the decades of empty Socialist Democrat promises. Now if we can just get the children’s hands off of Congress and put Republican adults back in charge, President Trump can continue to keep the promises he made.