News which could possibly portend grave illness, death and destruction for millions of Americans was announced on August 30th. Dr. Stephen Hahn, the FDA Commissioner, said his agency was prepared to authorize a vaccine before Phase Three clinical trials were complete. Anthony Fauci has been pushing for something like this from the beginning. 

Reportedly, those who would receive the vaccine would be the front-line medical workers, meaning doctors and nurses. This early use of a vaccine which is not proven safe, could according to several experts, result in the obliteration, mass casualty of America’s medical professionals.

DEFCON 1, means Defense Readiness Condition. Level 1 is the highest level used by the military, meaning that nuclear war is imminent. Here the threat is not military, but medical, or as some experts apparently call it “bioterrorism”.

To “Pearl Harbor”, means to attack by deceit and surprise with massive force. The name is derived from the sneak attack by the Japanese military on December 7, 1941 against the US naval and air force fleet at Pearl Harbor military base in Hawaii. Destruction of US ships and aircraft, and the loss of lives was massive and horrific.

Now it’s reported that a similar death and destruction could occur if a vaccine, without animal safety testing, with a horrific Phase 1 and Phase 2 trial result, and without the Phase 3 testing at all… turns out to have dangerous short and long term side effects.

Such a new vaccine does exist according to many experts. And that vaccine is named MODERNA. It’s a part of the Bill Gates Foundation vaccine empire.

A great support of that empire is Anthony Fauci. Fauci and Gates have been a technical and financial pair for decades. Their work included the horrific polio vaccine which crippled or killed over 600,000 children in India.

And recently, apparently in large part due to efforts by Fauci, the Moderna company received $482 million in taxpayer money to develop and test the vaccine. And the United States has ordered 100 million doses of the vaccine. It could be ready by or before the end of 2020.

Normally such a vaccine, which has what is reported  by the FDA, frightening test results on humans, and no animal safety testing, it would at least have to go through a Phase 3 of tests on 30,000 people… if it were allowed to proceed at all.

In the most recent tests, Phase two, 80% of those given the vaccine second dose experienced clear strongly negative side effects. Ranging from high fever to crippling pain in the arm where the vaccine was given.

However on August 30th, the the FDA announced, that vaccines could perhaps be introduced into use, without the Phase 3 tests of 30,000 people.

That Phase 3 test (with 30,000 individuals), according to many medical professionals, would have stopped Moderna cold. But if the test is not required, then 100 million doses, enough for 50 million people (each person receives two doses a few weeks apart), would be available to, and most certainly injected into, Americans.

In states which have tyrannical Democrat governors and legislatures, this could be done by various forms of coercion. Either brute force or denying access to necessities of life. The history of the pandemic in states such as Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Oregon, Minnesota and other Democrat state governments, provide support for expecting the use of force to inject these vaccines. It’s very possible.

No one knows what possible harmful effects this new MODERNA type RNA vaccine will have on human health. It is what some call a “Dr Frankenstein monster” vaccine, because it essentially rewrites human DNA. What genetic code will be created in the people who receive it, and what could occur in terms of birth defects when these people have children is unknown.

The front-line medical workers of America will apparently be the first guinea pigs, and while no one knows the future, many experts expect a medical bloodbath.

Experts in vaccine development and use, warn that we now stand at DEFCON 1. And the president needs to receive this information, which has apparently been hidden from him by Fauci and the vipers nest of Deep State Democrats in the NIH. The White House can choose from safer alternatives, ones that go through all three phases of testing is as normally required.

FauciNo accusations are being made that anyone mentioned in this article has committed a crime. In the United States all citizens are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty in a court of law. This article is educational only and does not provide medical information or advice. For medical information, the source and place is your physician.

Dr. Joel S Holmes is an engineer working in pandemic economic risk reductions for business and industry. His most recent book tells about the efforts of the Democrat Deep State to undermine the President’s pandemic program, including reported saboteurs inside the Pandemic Task Force itself.  The book, A VOYAGE IN IMAGINATION … “OPERATION CROSSFIRE MODERNA” is available on Amazon.  Image: Axios