The Decline of America’s Cities – Chicagoans are now marching and calling for the resignation of Mayor Rahm Emanuel due to the record violence and murders. In Portland, Oregon, protesters continue their blockade of ICE headquarters building with their encampment blocking streets and municipal railway with outcries to abolish ICE. WE ARE SEEING PROTEST, RIOTS & VIOLENCE in many forms from that of assassination type murders of police officers to Wall Street encampment of the occupy movement — what are the fundamental problems that have folks taking these extraordinary steps to show their anger? Lt Randy Sutton and Dr Carol Swain discuss the challenges and what needs to happen next in America’s cities.

The Wounded Blue – Founded by Lt Sutton to help our Law Enforcement
Meet Dr Carol Swain – Restoring Hope to the American Dream

Midterm Election, Mueller & Mayhem in New Mexico – The stakes couldn’t be higher in what looks to be an epic battle in the midterms. What is the takeaway from the special election last week? Special Counsel Mueller is in search of a sit-down with President Trump; is this inevitable? Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., vows to fight insider trading charges, and Paul Manafort and Rick Gates trial is keeping the late-night comics busy. Kids are being trained to commit school shootings at an extremist Muslim compound in New Mexico, how many other undetected places is this happening? Ilana, Freedman, Phil Davis, and Jim McCay take on the top news stories of the week.

More Ilana Freedman and Book: Hamas, CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood
More on Phil Davis 
Introspection from an American Patriot
Jim McCay is a Political Analyst and Radio Producer

Alex Jones and a Free Press – This week Alex Jones and his broadcast ”InfoWars” was banned from almost every social media and Internet site for what some would say is hateful tactics, provocative and irresponsible speech. Is this a violation or infringement of our First Amendment rights or do these private enterprises have the right to discriminate and ban selective companies? Are the practices of shadow banning, account suspensions, and limiting messages using algorithmic techniques a challenge to free speech and a free and equitable unbiased press and media? And the NFL kneeling controversy is back at the start of preseason – how will the NFL handle the crisis with fans leaving the sport by the thousands? Our panel: Ava Armstrong, Del Wilber and Brian Gould talk free speech and the future of the NFL all on Viewpoint This Sunday.

More on Ava Armstrong Her Books, Author, Radio Personality, Producer
More on Del Wilber: Weekly Columnist, Former CIA Officer
Brian Gould served in the U.S Army and U.S. Special Forces

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