Recently, documents surfaced regarding the long eighteen year war in Afghanistan, according to the Defense Department, the estimating cost was 1 Trillion dollars. “The Afghanistan Papers” portray the documents of the lies withheld by military and political officials through the Bush and Obama administrations.

Marine Gunnery Sgt, Aaron M. Kenefick, USMC

Added to this theft was the cost of 775,000 U.S. troops who were deployed to Afghanistan in 2001, many repeated deployments, and of these numbers, 20,589 were reported wounded, and 2,351 were killed in action, my Marine son, was one of these Americans.

Our nation and it’s military families weep not because of the loss of our valorous alone, but because they were hung out to die through negligence, abandonment and dereliction of duties while being micromanaged by lawyers working for the left so the criminal one percent could forward their drug and gun running, human trafficking agendas.

Our families feel the depths of sorrow and despair, we have seen and heard so many tragic stories from our military families, and we are haunted by the never ending emerging catacombs of sinister activities weaponized against our most honorable in uniform.

The military industrial complex and their mighty corporations waged war against Americans by bastardizing our laws and beliefs while trying to undermine our intelligence through false narratives, this is immoral and unholy vandalism.

This chapter in American history is the oldest method in the book for the 1 percent elite oligarchs, to continue deceiving, obfuscating and redacting American law, values and most importantly, American legacy, through the piracy of the Afghanistan war.

Orchestrating on the battlefields, with their many lawyers to micromanage the good guys, while the bad guys worked in concert with the foreign enemies to protect their criminal enterprise, both militarily and politically and why so many of these ring knockers have a long dynasty of lobbyists to intersect the networking of both worlds.

Don’t you dare try and add President Donald J Trump to the carnage associated with the Afghanistan war, it’s because of America’s 45th President of the United States, that many truths are beginning to surface and our nation’s warriors are finally being protected⏤freed from the past sinister and destructive administrations, another reason why the criminal opposition sitting in Congress, those hidden in the Pentagon and DOD, blatantly, push back against him.

Americans are awakening in mass numbers from the slumbers of overdosed toxic Kool-Aid drinking, now recognize the enemies from within.

Currently, there are about 13,000 troops remaining in Afghanistan, President Trump has been working diligently in bringing our men and women home from what is known as “The Long War” marking it’s 18 years of existence, not to mention, this leader is taking a stand against the deep state within the Pentagon, DOD and Congress, to free our innocent warriors from prison, as they’re constitutional rights were violated by the terroristic contributing forces aiding and abetting enemy forces.

To add insult to injury, we add the fact that these illusions were created and conducted decades ago by the Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama administrations, all of them, one in the same, belonging to the deep state.

For the sake of the magic show, these people had to perform on their platforms as executing in the best interest of the United States and her people so they could pillage the resources and profit from their gun running, drug pushing and human trafficking affairs, right under the guise of Unaware Americans, all in the name of National Security.

One of the instrumental military elite involved on the battlefields and deep within NATO was, Ret Lt. General Douglas Lute, who served as the “War Czar” during both the Bush and Obama administrations, told government interviewers in 2015, “We were devoid of a fundamental understanding of Afghanistan- we didn’t know what we were doing,” Lute also stated that the deaths of the U.S. military personnel, he blamed on bureaucratic entanglements between the State Department, the Pentagon and Congress.

Pardon us, while you cop a plea General Douglas Lute, but wasn’t your wife, Jane Holl Lute, also on the payroll for these same domestic terrorists?

After all, she was the shadow figure in DHS over Janet Napolitano, only to be advanced to the position, by Barak Obama, as the head of our nation’s Cybersecurity, working with the likes of Erik Schmidt from Google with trips to N. Korea, and others belonging to the Cyber world of harness the spotlight on the American people, spying on us through the network of the Fusion Centers.

Hey, didn’t she end up working with the United Nations in 2016 as the “Special Coordinator on Improving the United Nations response to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse. Hum, now that sounds very interesting.

Come on now, we all see where we landed from the nearly two decades of this hidden coup, did you really believe the American people would have become ambushed by the hidden enemy cells here in the civilian world while you guys took possession of the military justice system using the peoples government to puppeteer?

Incidentally, we all know the U.N is not and never has been our friend, don’t tell us you never knew what was taking place during the “Fog of War” it’s called undeniability, isn’t that considered a form of Treason, and Espionage through obfuscation?

Great Americans died through this dysfunction, you go and tell your “I didn’t know what was going on during the fog of war” to a mother with a heavy heart and children without a parent, spouses without their mates, who were vandalized by the aftermath of this endless war, abandoned by their government, you tell it to the Veteran, who’s witnessed many deaths during battles and has to fight on a daily basis today with the Veterans Administration for his bought and paid for medical benefits, who’s been directly ordered to accept your vaccinations, laced with toxins and still ingests the poisons of burn pits, who lost limbs and suffers the repercussions of PTSD and PTSI, constant nightmares relived on a daily bases all those sights, sounds and smells of your “fog of war.”

These military and political un-Americans are called the “Architects of Demise” they are the masters at redefining laws and the playing on words, their job was to transform America from a Judeo-Christian sovereign nation to an unrecognizable and controlled country and handed over to foreign nations who would reward them, the one percent bad guys for doing business with them behind the backs of Americans while wearing suits and uniforms with a smile, faking their Americanism until the take down on battlefields and in American communities.

Knowing now what we didn’t know then regarding the Bush and Obama administrations, the fact that drugs, instability and religious factions were in the negative was the intersection of corrupt and covert activities of the CIA and Alphabet soup group were laced by the likes of John Brennan and counterparts and partnered with the abusive and derelict leadership of two prior administrations.

This explains why so many of our American heroes were hung out to die or imprisoned, maimed, made to walk through mine fields and used as sacrificial lambs upon the alter.

Yes those of us who have blood and skin in the game are living witnesses to the loss of our American valor, our sons and daughters sacrificed their lives, under the belief of protecting our U.S. Constitution, our copies of the redacted investigation reports known as the 15-6, can attest to various entities of the government being involved in this covert and micromanaged coup, known as the Afghanistan war, under the guise of “Operation Enduring Freedom.”

These controversial and explosive documents show evidence that former President George W. Bush, Barrack Obama and their criminal counterparts, lied to the American people and our nations Warriors using them as pawns through their bought and paid for, Weaponized false narratives to forward their secret and covert agendas.

Two consistent major themes within these documents show, the manipulation on a mass scale of statistics fed to the public in order to hide the true disastrous nature of the war and the fact that U.S. leaders “turning a blind eye” to large scale theft of US tax payer dollars by corrupt Afghan officials.

U.S. aid was looted “with impunity” according to the released documents and provide undeniable evidence that top defense officials knew years of mounting lies to forward an obtuse and corrupt agenda.

When Barack Obama took office in January 2009, he deployed an additional 21,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan, which at the time brought the total to 60,000 troops, joining the coalition of 39,000 from 43 countries.

Also at that time, the Obama administration imposed benchmarks for progress on both the Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan, who stated they struggled with problems tied to tribal rivalries, religious factions, illegal drug production and distribution, poverty and general instability, yet, pictures of Afghanistan before the war proved there was a once healthier country.

The criminality runs so deep that these abusive bad actors need to be held accountable in a court of justice for the world to witness.

The never forgotten echoes of domestic sympathizers working hand in glove with the foreign terrorists, weakening our defense and security on the battle fields while handcuffing our nations warriors with weaponized rules of engagements and tactical directives, simultaneously reinforced by the CIA, the State Department, the Pentagon and the DOD.

The shameful verbal slapping of Americans on the wrists to say there was no there, there, as #44 continued to forward his ambush against us in our own country and its communities, coast to coast, through the use of FAKE NEWS MEDIA Propaganda.

Americans have grown restless from the theft of past administrations and their minions, it’s time to hold these soulless wonders accountable in a court of law.

Start Class action lawsuits against these Treasonous Bastards and have them serve the remainder of their lives in the very physical, emotional and financial prisons they intended for us!

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