We the alternative media must – at every possible opportunity and repeatedly – point out to the American people the obscene degrees of Mendacity, Hypocrisy and Duplicity of the Fake News and the Democrats. We must inform them that President Trump INHERITED this N Korean disaster due to the utter spinelessness, stupidity and culpability of especially Democrat presidents Clinton and Obama.

While the whining and hand wringing by pathetic leftists and Democrats are easily understandable, what is even more reprehensible are anti Trump voices emanating from so called ‘Republicans’.

Three years ago in my talk shows with the USA when asked about how to resolve this problem, I advised that Japan should publicize its intention to change its constitution and go Nuclear because to be realistic they should not expect the USA to have a nuclear war in their defence and also in this way they counter balance North Korea completely. Had they even declared this, China would have most definitely stopped N Korea going nuclear. Unfortunately, this did not happen. Even now, Japan should declare its intention to go nuclear and so should South Korea. Both nations have the technology and finance to achieve this in less time than N Korea.

It was Clinton after all who empowered N Korea and it was Obama who ignored her while sanctioning Iran to go nuclear by helping her with the treasonous sum of $150 billion and 400 million in cash.

Americans should know that N Korea and Iran have been working together on both nuclear weapons and delivery systems for decades. Trump and his mouthpieces must point out these FACTS at all times and every time.

Very recently on CNN former National Security Advisor Susan Rice acknowledged that America’s policies regarding North Korea’s nuclear-weapons program over the last three administrations had failed. She said, rightly, “You can call it a failure. I accept that characterization of the efforts of the United States over the last two decades.” Even former Vice President Al Gore said much the same. Both of them should know since they served under President Bill Clinton, who started the downward spiral with his ill-advised 1994 Agreed Framework.

This incredibly stupid one sided deal provided Pyongyang with 500,000 tons of heavy fuel oil annually and two light-water nuclear reactors in exchange for the North’s promise to abandon its nuclear-weapons efforts. US administrations used appeasement having learned absolutely nothing from the events prior to WWII with Hitler especially since N Korea repeatedly violated both the letter and spirit of any and all her agreements with the UN, USA and others so much so that former Secretary of State James Baker in 1999 characterised Clinton’s approach as “a policy of appeasement”.

Pyongyang took full advantage from the appeasers without changing course regarding its ambition to go nuclear with the tacit and active support of Communist China. As far as the Chinese were concerned, N Korea’s missile and nuclear research and military industry were concerns for the West especially the USA and its allies in Asia. They were an added serious diversion to her adversaries without any apprehension that these events could spiral out of control.

Again I point out that had Japan or South Korea or both declared their intention to go nuclear if N Korea did not stop its research, the current situation would not have arrived since there would have been absolutely no doubt that China would have stopped N Korea in its tracks for the immeasurable fear of a nuclear Japan especially.

Decades of TALKS got the USA and the UN nowhere with N Korea. Decades of blood curdling threats against both the South Koreans and USA by Pyongyang were dismissed and ignored by all the previous administrations. At last, President Trump has wisely come to the conclusion that ‘enough is enough’ and the gloves are off. He is publicly informing Kim Jong Un “If you want war, you will be obliterated”.

For the moment, the little monster has had second thoughts. How long this will last, remains to be seen.

It is time for “We the People” to show their support for the President – as Commander in Chief – through emails, Twitter and demonstrations. It is time for ACTION.

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