America’s Christian-Judeo heritage is under attack and it is time for the Deborah’s to AWAKE, ARISE and ADVANCE to pray for our country and show the world how strong we are because of Christ in us. The goal is for hundreds of thousands of sisters-in-Christ to gather in D.C. to pray for America and praise Jesus Christ on September 29, 2018.

In 2015, God woke Pastor Diane Mullins with three words: “AWAKE. ARISE. ADVANCE.” A few days later, she was awakened was the word “HONEYBEE.” A week later, she was awakened with the word “DEBORAH.” Like Deborah in the Old Testament who arose to save her country out of the muck and mire of corruption and idolatry, women of Christian-Judeo faith are called to “AWAKE. ARISE. ADVANCE.” to Washington, DC for a full day of praise, worship and prayer for the United States of America. The goal is 750,000 Christian-Judeo women – it is time for all women to get out loud for Christianity!

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