Death by Exercise Can Kill You 1

Guy goes out for a run. Just a quick 4 mile run; something very easy for a season marathoner who usually runs 10 miles a day, 7 days a week. Suddenly he stops about 50 yards short of his front door. Perhaps he is checking his pulse, or maybe he’s tying his shoe laces. But we’ll never know because…he dies…right there. His name was Jim Fixx, the 52 year old advocate of long distance running and exercise. What about the story of Edmund Burke, Ph.D., who was a serious endurance cycling enthusiast. He suddenly died while on a training ride.

Any time you exercise strenuously, on the road or in the squat rack, you’re taking on a small risk of perhaps a bigger problem. Dr. Robert Blackman’s “New Gym” ™ philosophy has not one treadmill. There are no weights, no step stairs, no spinning, no torture chamber equipment. According to Dr. Blackman most of those striving for so called fitness, are actually horribly unfit because of an oversized/overworked heart and the increased death of brain cells as a result of the overuse.

Dr. Blackman shares with us his one of a kind, paradigm shift in healthcare. He has done a 180, on the exercise, health and fitness world. Dr. Blackman shares with us why exercising strenuously can kill you and how his method of exercise can get you safely in shape without putting your life at risk.

Dr. Robert Blackman
Dr. Robert Blackman

Dr. Robert Blackman graduated in 1970 from Columbia Institute of Chiropractic in Manhattan, NY. He has been a holistic doctor of chiropractic medicine for over 40 years and has had literally decades of R & D in healing arts. He has found in order to truly be well; you must treat “the whole person” body, mind and spirit. He opened the first holistic health center in San Francisco, CA in 1980. His “Front and Back Holistic Health Center” is a healing center practicing in healthcare and fitness: drug free, non invasive and non toxic treatment. Dr. Blackman was the first to treat combat vets for PTSD, and was one of the first to use his methods to treat AIDS patients, which, at that time (1981), was not diagnosable. Dr. Blackman is also the proponent of a revolutionary philosophy of practice around strenuous exercise and is the found of “New Gym” Dr. Blackman is the founder of the “New Gym ™” and author of the book “The Antidote: A Window to the Unimaginable”

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