Like many of you, I too grew up with Easter traditions that had nothing to do with what Jesus did on the cross. Every Easter I was given a speech and sometimes a new dress, but always it was one of those Holidays in our house where we knew something sweet was around the corner.

My mother was the big proponent of children having holidays. She did everything possible to make it as nice as possible for us kids. Today, I see not much has changed in the way of families celebrated traditions. The rabbit, the egg, the sweets and Easter egg hunts and rolls continue to be the focus of this holiday.

Today’s teaching will take a look at common traditions and how the Christian is influenced by those traditions. Are we practicing paganism? How does God feel about Easter, the bunny and the egg? Listen in as we take on the history of Easter from the traditional perspective to the history of the Resurrection from God’s Word; Today on INTENTIONAL.

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