Dear Media, does this kind of rhetoric incite violence?
Cheap talk is a two-way street. What goes around comes around. Be careful what you wish for, it might come true. And my personal favorite, I’m rubber you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you!
Pick whichever idiom you wish, the outcome is the same.
You simply can not understand why and how this loud businessman from the big city made it to the Oval Office. It makes no sense. After all, he is the most un-presidential president to ever become president; so you say.
Your headlines are designed to tell only one-part of the story.
“President Donald Trump’s political rhetoric is inciting violence”
The vulgarities and hate speech you deliver on an hourly basis with words like, bigot, racist, liar, clown, narcissist, xenophobe, bully, arrogant, stupid, ass, egotistical, unqualified, and unbecoming to hold the office – these words reflect more about your own shortcomings and lack of understanding on the magnitude of what is at stake – than they do Donald Trump.
You take no responsibility for your misleading and untruthful headlines. The disrespect you show the ‘Office of the President’ is revealing in of itself.
Once upon a time the fourth estate was a noble and worthy profession. But as we all know, once upon a time is for fairytale stories. This one happens to be a horror story.
We are living in historical times. Generations ahead will look back at this very moment with a clear understanding of two things.
1 – Americans voted Donald Trump into office because YOU and YOUR political puppets in Washington needed a megaphone of a wakeup call. Trump is the megaphone of the American people.
2 – The framers knew the importance of the Fourth Estate, it was the checks and balances to keep it all leveled. You screwed that up. Your tombstone will reflect that the Trump era exposed you for what you are – FAKE NEWS.
The accompanying video to this essay is evidence and proof of your misgivings.
It is way past time that many of you go to confession this weekend and spill your guts. God is listening and He understands fully what you’re up to.
Fact is, God is the reason why Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States in the first place.
Signed the American People

Collaboration on video with MAGA Man @ChristUSPatriot