Dear Actor George Clooney,

You are slowly and gently maturing into the stature of Charlton Heston. In fact, I encourage you to consider becoming, like Heston did, the president —or at least a spokesperson — for the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Why? I just read an article dated June 30, 2017, which explains that you found living in England’s countryside too dangerous for your family so you are moving your wife and children back to Los Angeles, California — for the benefits of American safety. It occurred to me that fatherhood is helping you appreciate what you’ve been bashing for years — America’s Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Your situation, regardless of the specifics of the threats, is teaching you what it was like for the Founders of America to have families that they could not protect against British soldiers who forced their way into the colonists’ homes. Ironically, you’ve now lived in England where, in most circumstances, it is illegal to own a gun, and now you are moving back to America because you felt you couldn’t protect your family. You’ve now experienced the strong desire to protect a wife and children from harm. It is a universal and instinctive desire and most certainly not unique to Hollywood celebrities. We all want to protect our families from physical harm and one of the best ways to do it is with a gun in the home.

I am sure you and I could bond now because you can feel what it was like for me to receive a phone call from my two scared girls who were home alone locked in their bedroom as two strange men were walking around the house. It seemed like an imminent home intrusion.

I was stuck in 5:00 PM traffic and their father was three states away.

My children moved their dresser in front of the door. The oldest one whispered to me as she peered out the window keeping me informed of the situation as the other called 911. I knew, though, with the traffic situation the police could never get there in time to protect my children. It was physically impossible.

Mr. Clooney, this experience was worse than the scariest movie I have ever seen. This was real life in real-time and these were my real, precious children who I just wanted to protect. I knew that if I could get home in time, I’d being willing to die for them in order to protect them.

In a shaking voice, my oldest daughter whispered that the men were trying to unlock the glass sliding door. In an effort to calm their fears, I reminded my children that they were in control of this situation. I asked if they are ready to do what may be necessary and the youngest one said “yes.” For you see, their father had taught them gun safety and my young teenagers were ready to protect themselves — one had a shotgun and the other a pistol. Fully loaded.

We prayed and I instructed that if the men entered the house and came to the bedroom door that my youngest with the shotgun was to fire a shot through the ceiling near the door as a warning for the men to leave. If the men busted open the door after that, the girls were to keep their aim on the target and shoot.

Traffic began to flow and I sped home with my oldest daughter still on the phone. She said that the men had stopped trying to open the back door and had walked around to the front of the house near their truck. I was then driving up the ridge to our secluded house and circled into the driveway and parked so that my door was protecting me in the case I needed to jump back in my car. I stood up and asked why they were there. The driver informed me that he was a subcontractor for Home Depot and that my landlord had ordered a new glass sliding door. They were simply taking measurements.

Mr. Clooney, because you are a parent now, I know you know how relieved I felt. I entered the house and tightly hugged my girls. I told them how proud I was of them to have handled this situation so well and under control. As a woman who carries a concealed weapon at times, I can honestly say this was the day I appreciated more than ever what our Founding Fathers secured for all of us in the Second Amendment — a security not just for the wealthy who can hire retired FBI agents to protect them, but for little girls whose fathers love them so much they are willing to teach their children gun safety for such a time as this.

Guns save lives, Mr. Clooney. Guns protect the weakest among us. Guns are good for families. Be the father God called you to be and stop being “scared” of guns. This is why I believe you are on your way to becoming a future president of the NRA — just like Charlton Heston — the man who never forgot the principles of American liberty.

By the way, the men drove away never knowing who or what was inside and the police arrived twenty minutes later.