Yes, another mass shooting, this time in Florida. 17 high school students dead and 14 injured. What happen? What’s going on with all the violence? How could this happen? What could we have done differently? What do we do now? Where was the metal detectors? How did he bypass staff and administration?

Here is what we know about Nikolas Cruz, 19 years old. Still in high school. Depressed. Adoptive mother died in November (the only person with whom he was close). Father died a few years ago. One biological sibling (quiet, no trouble in school). Fascination with guns. Had access to guns and ammunition. Owned an AR-15 assault rifle. Liked shooting animals. Rejected by his peers. Discipline issues. Lack of self-control. Low self-esteem. Interaction with mental health professionals. He stopped the mental health interaction when his mother died. Lived with the family of a friend. Employed. Sold knives out of a lunchbox. Posted on social media about guns and killing animals. Threatened and stalked his ex-girlfriend. Expelled from high school.

At age 19, he could no longer resist his impulse, desire or temptation to perform an act that was harmful to himself and others. He was in control. For moments over 3,000 students, faculty, and administration were terrorized. Forever, traumatized. Valentines day. A day of LOVE turned into a day of HORROR.

He had no reason to come to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on February 14, 2018. But, he did, he came back to shoot, kill, and destroy innocent lives. A Freudian message? Perhaps. Nikolas chose Valentine’s Day as his day. Nikolas choose to defile the day with the carnage of his making by his own hands. A Freudian message? I am not loved, lovable. I have nothing to live for anymore. I am not happy. I am not SEEN!

If so, Nikolas Cruz got what he wanted to be SEEN, HEARD, and TOUCHED. He will be taken care of for the rest of his life in Florida State Prison. Nikolas has been charged with 17 counts of premediated murder.

There are countless questions that need answering. Some of those answers will come in the days and weeks ahead, and yet some answers will never come UNLESS we take control of a system that is out of control. It is not just one thing that needs fixing. It wasn’t just one thing that went wrong. The entire system needs attention, it is crying for our love and compassion to fix what ails us.

A day of LOVE turned into a day of HORROR…a day that is a lesson for humanity to wakeup and fix what ails us. The time is NOW.