By Dr. Jay Lehr and Dr. Joel Glass –

The 25th UN Climate meeting of thousands of the world’s politicians and fake scientists is taking place in Madrid, Spain. To live in the lap of luxury for a week or two while discussing how to steal the world’s money and decent standard of living from those who actually earned it.

Their mechanism for theft is the Climate Delusion. In which they claim that the microscopic four ten-thousandths of the atmosphere, CO2, is going to end life as we know it in twelve years. A innocent molecule that can’t in reality hold heat (well it can but just for 0.0001 of a second) and which is beneficial for plants and all life on earth.

While all this is going on, Greta Thunberg did something amazing. She changed color.

We thought only chameleons could do that. But lo and behold, Greta changed in an instant from Green into Red. From a global warming poster girl, into the usual Democrat. In fact into a sort of Stalinist.

Along with her Soros Open Society organization salaried handler Luise-Marie Neubauer, shown here, who is Thunberg’s ever present shadow…  Greta wrote a sort of communist manifesto. Getting the UN COP25 international climate conference all fired up and taking out their pitchforks and torches.

In an op-ed, “Why We Strike Again”, Greta declares war on capitalism, Greta wrote that “the politicians let the profiteers continue to exploit our planet’s resources and destroy its ecosystems that threatens our very existence.”

Greta has been used by the global warming climate delusion to simply spread lies about climate to millions of children. Green lies, that the CO2 molecule that provides us with life on earth is somehow destroying the world. She has created fear and panic for children around the world. 

The sad side of Greta Thunberg is that she is an unknowing tool for extreme evil.  

It has to be that way because the climate delusion is not a scientific movement, it’s a political movement enriching its leaders on the backs of the word’s poor being deprived of inexpensive energy to lift their standards of living.  


Jayne Zirkle is an independent teenager who managed to find out the truth about climate, and became motivated to share climate truth with others. While Jayne Zirkle doesn’t have the media empire (ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, Washington Post and so on) behind her, she does have a video camera, friends and family. And what she does with that camera and the help of friends and family, in terms of providing accurate climate information in an effective way… is amazing.

When first we saw it we thought for a second it WAS Greta, then the humor and the critique of the climate delusion brings smiles to your face.  

When Jayne, as Greta, says that “like the world will end in two weeks people!” Children everywhere are bursting out laughing. It happened with our kids.

The difference between Jayne and Greta is a template for the difference between accurate Climate Science and the global warming delusion movement.

It’s the battle of Liberty versus Tyranny.

Jayne is creative, smart, independent. Greta reads off a script, words which others wrote.

Jayne tells it like it is: that climate is controlled by the sun, not by CO2.  

Now with the EU Parliament voting at the end of November that there is a “climate emergency”, and the Green New Deal morphing into what it really was all the time, a Red New Deal…

…it’s great to have a nice sunny girl to bring the message on climate accuracy. Take a look at her video (and she has several more on YouTube”).  It will brighten your day to know we can win this battle for the future of freedom.

Dr. Joel Glass is a contributing author – is an engineer working in the field of infrastructure for ultra-cold climate environments. His new book, ICE AGE … 2025: HOW TO PREPARE AMERICA AND YOUR FAMILY, is recommended by Dr. Jay Lehr., who is the Senior Policy Analyst for the International Climate Science Coalition. More on Dr. Lehr below.