The Dangers of The Misalignment of Your Spine

This procedure can stop headaches, reduce stress, relieve pain, and help balance out the neurotransmitters in your brain among other things and according to Dr. John Minardi it can even lead to you being happier.

Dr. Minardi is a practicing chiropractor, who also teaches other chiropractors and the public on how chiropractic techniques work and why. We discuss how the misalignment of the spine can cause stress on the body and this stress sends signals to the brain which in turn produces cortisol – the stress hormone. When this happens it adversely affects other hormones in the body and can cause a cascading effect that can lead to infertility, behavior problems in children (and adults), depression, irritability, weight gain and more.

Dr. Minardi explains that getting regular chiropractic adjustments can in time, improve body function and health. It’s also a great way to help prevent future health problems. He recommends everyone get adjustments on a regular basis and that people should get started when they’re babies.

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