Imagine the flood of emotions; your son is missing, you get the authorities involved, you search every possible place and scenario you can think of—only to find that your beloved child had ended his life, and in a most tragic way. With every ounce of passion and desire in you, you set off on a new life course to warn and to educate other families of the serious consequences of this growing threat that exists on every smartphone and internet connection. This is the real life story and now desire of the Molak family.

The Molak Family

Cyberbullying may be a new term to some to some of our listeners, but in reality, it is becoming a national problem for our millennials and their parents. In the case we discuss today, it had unintended, but tragic consequences. In this sequence of A Thread of Evidence, I talk with the parents of David Molak, a wonderful 16-year old teenager who committed suicide due to the emotional and psychological pressures caused by cyber-bullying over social media.

I also discuss with Matt and Maurine Molak how after their horrific discovery of their son David hanging from a backyard tree; they moved forward during the grieving process and decided to fight back against cyber-bullies. They established David’s Legacy Foundation, which is a non-profit that supports anti-cyber bullying education programs. Then they worked together with partners in the political, legal and law enforcement communities to create criminal and civil laws that hold accountable and punish cyber-bullies. Please join me for this very informative forensic show where we will peel back the formerly anonymous dark veil and put light onto and expose the dark, social media environment of cyber-bullies.

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