While the human race grapples with the Coronavirus, there is something almost miraculous happening. While the mainstream media, MSM, has the sky falling on everyone around the globe, the earth has been taking this opportunity to clean itself. Nature is taking the break it needed.

The frantic pace of humanity has been slowed down by a virus which has quarantined the entire world. Cities that never sleep, are now quieter than a ghost town, where even the rats are getting lonely. Factories in nations who care little about emissions, such as China, have now stopped billowing their noxious fumes skyward. The millions of automobiles and trucks which normally populate the highways globally, have also nearly come to a halt. I’ve stated previously that throughout history, as America goes, so goes the world. The current crisis is the perfect example of this.

The mainstream media in the United States, has stirred the Covid-19 virus better than Julia Child in her prime, and the rest of the left-wing media globally, has joined the circus.

What can’t be argued, is that pollution levels across the globe have diminished drastically. Air quality in China has increased by 21.5%. Satellite images from NASA and the European space agency have shown a dramatic decrease in nitrogen dioxide in China, a country which is responsible for 30% of the world’s CO2 emissions every year.

During this Covid-19 outbreak, emissions have reduced by 25 percent. Scientists report that around the new year, there is a slowdown in economic activity, and as a result emissions decrease. However, this decrease typically only lasts about a week or so. This year however, we are seeing a prolonged decrease in emissions around the entire globe. Travel restrictions have also had an impact on this decrease in CO2 emissions. Air pollution in Madrid and Barcelona has decreased by 50%. Even the canals of Venice are more blue and cleaner than they have been in decades, as gondolas and human traffic give the waters a reprieve. Sediment has descended to the bottom, leaving the water clear, where small fish take advantage.

According to the WHO, World Health Organization, 7 million people a year die from pollution. Although, that number may be in question due to the source. Nevertheless, it’s likely an enormous quantity of human loss. 

Although it’s clearly a good thing, as our planet takes a break from humanity, what isn’t good is how the MSM is continuing to drive the stake of fear into America and the world. These miscreants on the left want us to hide in a hole and stay there, not to come out until November 4th, the day after election day.

Here’s a prime example of how the MSM creates a hoax, a lie, to make sure you and I are afraid. CBS News recently showed an overcrowded hospital room “in New York City,” and it had several sick patients and several doctors all in one room. The implication was clear, look at this overcrowded hospital room, out of control with deathly ill patients, this could be you. Then something interesting happened, Fox News noted the same footage was aired days prior on Sky News in Italy. Everything was identical as the alleged hospital room in New York City.

The response from CBS News? Oops, it was simply an editing mistake. Sure it was. Interesting how the mainstream media has had so many similar mistakes over the past three and a half years. Every time they get caught in a lie; it’s just a mistake.

Make no mistake, my fellow Conservative Americans, these are not mistakes. They are decades old, tried and true methods to control the population in the United States. This has nothing to do with Democrats and their lapdog media caring one ounce about the citizens of America.

This has only to do with taking down this president. By scaring the holy b’Jesus out of the majority of Americans, they have managed to use this crisis to stop the economy dead in its tracks.

They think and hope, I’d say pray, but we all know how Godless they are, that this will be the key to a Democrat victory on November 3rd. It won’t be. They see the American people as stupid, but come election day they will find out why they should have listened to the great Mark Twain.

“It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”