Has your year been a boom a bust or somewhere in between? Have you given up on this year being your best year yet? Are you ready for it to be over so you can start anew? The secret to experiencing your best year yet is closer than you think. In this show I have a special guest who knows all about a Wow Year! Kenya Halliburton who herself has lived a WOW year and is ready to share how you too can STILL achieve a WOW year.

What is a “WoW” Year? Kenya defines a WOW Year as a year that feels momentous in that, when you look back to where you started, you can see a healthy progression from where you were to where you are.”

Kenya’s mantra is “Your Life is Your Business so Your Business Should Support Your Life!”…

Kenya Halliburton launched her online business as a Virtual Assistant in 2007 and quickly became a virtual “Jill of all trades”, sought after for her content creation, innovative marketing savvy and technical support by big and budding names in the online game. But, by 2015 found herself juggling a business, three babies and a troubled marriage. Overcome by the trials of her personal life, her business stalled and by the start of 2017 she was divorced, homeless and penniless. Determined to create a better life for her and her children, she committed to the journey of personal development and designed her business to serve her life as well as well as those she served. Today she runs a thriving business passionately helping other women overcome life’s curveballs to become their best selves and find success in both life and business. As a result of her, trials, triumphs as well as her talent for online marketing and management, she created the “Content, Clients and Cash Flow System” – a 7 Step personal and online business development program designed to teach Emerging Women Entrepreneurs how to create lives and businesses they love waking up to.

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