For many Americans the World keeps on turning and life goes on, unaffected by events in the swamp known as D.C. We each have our own lives to contend with, our jobs, our families, our desire to advance our own dreams.

However, for elected officials, who represent their districts and swear an Oath to protect and defend our Country and the Constitution, their job is much more directed to understand the events and have influence on the important decisions that affect our Country. 

Nothing is more important than protecting U.S citizens from risks that many agree are happening at the Southern Border. 

This week, Representatives of two ideologies clashed in the Situation room. 

There is a reason for a situation room, rather than a lunch room or a Ballroom or a bathroom, at the White House. 

To ignore a situation is the greatest undoing that an elected official can choose to do.

The Director of Homeland security was short circuited from her duty to brief both sides of the situation on the ground at the southern border.

This behavior to discard and ignore such information is tragic; and smells of politicalization of an issue rather than dealing with the problem at hand.

To insinuate that drug and human trafficking and criminal behavior by illegal individuals at the border is “manufactured” is a gross negligence of their duty to our Nation.

While we feel for those Federal workers inconvenienced by a temporary lack of paychecks; we need them to hold tight while the sides hammer out a funding request which pales against what we allocate to protect other Countries. 

It is time for the government to crack open their piggy banks – there is NO better use of taxpayer money than National Security.

Perhaps those Federal workers, who will be affected, also have to crack open their piggy banks for some cash to carry them over. They’ve had many weeks to ponder and prepare for this stalemate.

With respect to all I say, welcome to the world of non Government employees and how WE LIVE, every two weeks.

It’s time to put our County first over Illegals who consume Billions once they jump the fence. 

When the President asked, would they Fund Border needs if he were to open the Government, they still said a resounding NO! It gives us a glimpse of what we all are facing in the Democrat Controlled House…Love..RayRay..and a Poem.

Piggy Bank Blues

These Media folks
They really have Gall
To Insist there’s a crisis
Yet not 1 EFT’s missing at all

They Ignore the real issues
Of a Poor Southern Wall
Thank God for some leverage
After two years of their stall

Then in comes Pelosi
With Chuck at her side
Helpful reminders
Why we voted with Pride

Not a care for the families
Who’ve been Shattered and Torn
Meth gangs and murder
To hell with the unborn

They claim they’re the Champions
Who are morally sound
They never worked a real job
To self interest they’re bound

Illegals take preference
Over people who wait
Human kidnapping traffic
Needs a lock on the gate 

It’s such a no brainer
It’s just an Act of Delay
But If he ever gives in
We will regret it each day

It’s a drop in the bucket
Securing the Wall
Consider the Billions we’ve wasted
Congress must answer our call

Written by RayRay 1/9/19©️