We have seen the reversal of our economy and our lives change dramatically over the last six months. We all have our theories of how this invisible murderous COVID-19 virus came to our shores and has claimed over 150,000 American lives, shut down our economy, and put 22 million people out of work. There are more questions that answers, even at this late date of the pandemic.

There are so many untruths coming from mainstream media outlets⏤all to push a doom and gloom scenario that can be tied back to President Trump in an election year. Everything needs to be questioned: Counting the cases of people who have died from the virus is a big question mark. Using cases as opposed to total population to advance the narrative that the virus is spreading out of control is a constant message being pushed by media outlets to instill fear in the populace. The idea that a face mask it going to save you from the virus. Not being able to get the effective medication to save your life in that moment of crisis. Jim McCay penned a great article you can read below, and he joins Malcom on The Voice of a Nation. Jim McCay is a Political Analyst with a 30 year background in global technology, telecommunications and pharmaceuticals.

Read the Article: COVID-19 An American Crisis: Pandemic by the Numbers

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