The education system is being challenged like never before in history, due to the unprecedented emergency measures that Covid-19 has demanded. The transition of our school system to the online world has presented many hurdles. Hackers sabotaging the in-class programming while in session has turned more than a few eyebrows. Learning curves were to be expected; even more so because of the shock to the system. Teachers were unprepared to take on these challenges; the kids did not fare much better in preparation either. But there are some upsides as well. Many parents got a first-hand look at what homeschooling might look like. Is this the beginning of the end for government-run education? How will all of these changes impact our long term vision for schooling our kids? And then there is the conversation of school vouchers; and the amount of international students being allowed to enter the American education system. Joining Malcolm to tackle the current state of education is Karen Schoen. Karen is an Educator, Dean, a Retired Teacher and Activist focused on Saving America.

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