History is always the best teacher, but sometimes the lesson is never learned. Whether it was Napoleon, Franco, Qaddafi, Idi Amin, or Castro, their intention and results were always the same.

A small Cabal of Fascist dictators took over their Government forcefully and illegally, in the name of Liberty, to quickly formulate a totalitarian regime which suppresses Freedom and slaughters dissenters, till nothing is left. The Elite prosper and the people suffer a horrible fate.

In the days before and following the election of Donald Trump, a small cabal of upper echelon operatives hatched a plan to unseat a sitting President, usurping the Will of the People.

Massive investigations, designs on applying the “25th Amendment” ensued. Senate subcommittees continue at this very moment, to achieve this same end, a “Soft” Coup D’Etat. History is upon us again. The burning question is: Will we fight to defend our Freedom, recognizing that the Lessons of History are at hand?

Kat the Hammer and Karli Bonne’, The “Special K Women” Join RayRay to proctor the lesson. Also remember to visit me at my new site:  RayRaypoetryworld.com.

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