It seems there are more and more truths being exposed in this wild election season than ever before. But are these false truths – or truth truths? We’ve heard a great deal of talk regarding the evangelical vote – what do evangelicals thinks of this election cycle? Could the next president be a wolf in sheep's clothing?

When Senator Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for the White House, many Americans, including Pastor Tom Hill embraced the idea of a President Cruz. For many christian conservatives, Cruz appeared to have all the credentials to lead America forward. Yet Cruz stumbled out of the gate and struggled to gain momentum. It was just after that when Pastor Hill began to see some very troubling signs – could Ted Cruz be a false prophet even? And what about the rest of the presidential candidates – how do they stack up?

Religion – Politics and high drama on rough seas – have it all for you today – welcome to Real Life… Pastor Thomas P. Hill is my guest. Preacher for over 50 years, with a M.A. in Ministry, Luther Rice Seminary.

His website: attracts thousands of visitors every month from every continent. 700+ free Bible resources at web site, including MP3 podcasts, videocasts, blogs. Author of 3 books: Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing; Homosexuality, Christians, and the Church; and Keys To A Revolutionary Life.

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