In America, the conventional answer when asked about America’s Civil War, most people will tell you that it was a result of the southern states desire to keep slavery. Nevertheless, numerous scholars and their studies will state that the reasons for the conflict were much more complex, ranging from political differences over the “issues” of slavery, still a major factor, but there was also issues dealing with taxation and state’s rights which together also played a large and significant role.

Understand now, the Democrats and the political-left still need justification for their rational and their purpose. As always with the political-left, once again, this had led to a new stage of revisionism and modifications, based on the search for a suitable class of victims.

Hence, a substitute word was necessary, therefore the change was implemented; simply substitute “sanctuary” for “slavery” and realize that the growing number of sanctuary cities, counties, and states are rapidly approaching the same mindset and financial picture that the Confederate States of America had from 1860 to 1865.

There are a lot experts including political analysts, historians and scholars who tend to believe that we have never been closer than we are today.  Look at an updated map of the United States. But this time the geographic aspect is to the west. It is readily apparent that the entire west coast, a large area in the upper Midwest, and the upper northeast are already identified as sanctuary areas. These jurisdictions … heavily influenced by many years of failed Democrat leadership, and now emboldened by anti-Trump sentiments, have undertaken the protection of illegal immigrants with the same enthusiasm as their slavery-holding counterparts from the 1860s.

In recent years, it is obvious that it started almost innocuously with certain Democrats refusing to call the border transgressors “illegal immigrants.” To soften the specter of illegality, the term “undocumented worker” was created by the Left. Not at all different from the slave-owners, who were willing to call their human slaves “property,” in order to get around the law. The political-left quickly adapted to the situation and the concept of entitlement to illegals, subsequently providing financial incentives to justify their perilous and danger trek to the border.

At the same time, as soon as the children of illegal immigrants were born here, and they approached voting age, they were given the romantic term; “the dreamers,” and Democrats specifically from all levels of government rose up to protect them with a cacophony of specific legislation.

As a result, they’re followed, a determined, but low-level, all-out effort to excuse the illegality of such aliens who illegally made their way by any means necessary into America. In turn, the self-identified sanctuary jurisdictions quickly became a haven for large number of illegal aliens including those who continued to commit addition felonies, many of which are horrific crimes once in America. Not to be satisfied, over the last several hard-line Democrats became so vitriolic in defense of illegal immigration that they have began to call for open borders. Including, many who previously called for full border security in reason years. Numerous political arguments ensued, with the result being that Democrats began to legislate in favor of illegal immigrants over native-born citizens. Further, criticism of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents as heavy-handed and heartless devils followed. Sanctuary jurisdictions forbid their law enforcement officers from cooperating with ICE when illegal immigrants are apprehended, while some of the most extreme leftists called for the elimination of ICE altogether.

Then came 2017, enter Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States. President Trump had been elected by a huge number of Americans disgusted by the immigration lawlessness being espoused and encouraged by Democrats and Liberals. Serious crimes committed by the millions of illegal immigrants already here began to draw major attention. The entire nation has grown all too familiar with the plights of illegal immigration victims Kate Steinle, and more recently, California police officer Ronil Singh.

Unfortunately, the Democrats, albeit unfazed by American victimization by illegal immigrants, marched on. California Governor, Gavin Newsome, newly elected, immediately pronounced that his state would be the first “all-sanctuary” state in the nation. Far-left New York City Mayor, Bill DeBlasio, followed with the announcement that the City would become the first to give free healthcare to all residents — including illegal immigrants. Either obviously unaware, or not caring that their actions would soon attract thousands upon thousands of additional illegal immigrants. Much like uber-vocal open-border Liberals had knowingly lured thousands of Central Americans to the U.S. southern border in the recent several well-publicized caravans…with several more now in tow.

While President Trump has both the law and history on his side, overcoming the destructiveness of sanctuary cities, states, and counties will not be easy. Like any liberal jurisdiction, some courts in the sanctuary jurisdictions are also far-left, and willing to do anything to thwart Trump, they will invoke some of the most ridiculous decisions. The standoff between the President and the irresponsible and insanity of the Schumer-Pelosi obstruction to a southern barrier has caused the federal government to be closed indefinitely. President Trump’s every legal move is challenged and will be, until those Liberal courts are legally challenged and restructured. President Trump has threatened sanctuary jurisdictions with the loss of federal funds, and the Presidential orders, stopped by the biased lower courts, awaits the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court.

So in many cases we wait, Despite the outcome of the Supreme Court’s anticipated interpretation of the law, approximately half of the country will still be angry. Whether or not they will be angry enough to secede from the Union is another question, but of course completely unlikely. But the similarities to the hard-nosed opposition by sanctuary jurisdictions to those states once protecting slavery is perhaps real enough that Americans should be very worried.

Let me end with the following point, just so we’re clear — at the same time the Democrats are refusing to secure our border they introduce legislation to disarm law abiding citizens. Are you trying to start a civil war? Because that’s how you start a civil war!