In the year 2017, there were 650,000 missing persons in the U.S. alone, yet the sinister part about this is the fact that these victims are NOT DOCUMENTED on a federal database and the media was silent. WHY?

You may ask, if the media was and is silent about these undocumented and unreported missing persons than how are the numbers and information reported? There are Forest Rangers and Family members who are the eyes and ears to what is taking place within the National Forests, through word of mouth, many private investigations, as well as alternative news media, these truths are surfacing. Family members are grief stricken over the mysterious disappearances of loved ones and to find there is no federal database opened to the public is astounding, to add, Forest Rangers have come forward out of concern for the safety and well being of all persons entering the National Forests.

Former law enforcement and investigator David Paulides, has written a series of books and produced the movie, “Missing 411”. Paulides, states, “the U.S. and Canada have the largest number of missing persons, followed by Australia, and United Kingdom.” For the record, there are more than 6,000 National Parks in nearly 100 different countries around the world.

Yosemite National Park has the largest group of missing persons, where have these missing persons gone? The National Parks Service leaves it to the local law enforcement to track and solve or file away these tragic incidents as cold cases. Since there are no consequences, no federal database of missing persons who have disappeared on federal lands, it’s difficult to track. Some cases of the missing can and are explained by tragic accidents of exploring the great outdoors, or animal attacks, falling off mountains or exposure to outdoor elements, yet the greater number of missing persons in National Parks is UNEXPLAINABLE and most disturbingly, UNDOCUMENTED.

Although Investigator Paulides would never admit to saying on record that he believes in UFO’s and Paranormal activity abducted these missing persons, he merely states for the record “It’s like something out of the X-files.” He collected over 2,000 cases with similar explainable characteristics. He mentions some of the largest groups of the missing victims are from Yosemite National Park and also around “Boulder Fields and Granite locations.

Approximately 80% of missing people are within 150 miles of water, the cluster map shows most of the missing are located in the following areas, on the West Coast, these clusters run, from North to South through the Cascades down through the Sierras and on the East Coast, the clusters run North to South through the Appalachian trail as well as the Great Lakes area, with a very small cluster in Idaho, Montana and Rockies, strange to note there is very very few in the middle of America through Kansas, North and South Dakota.

The National Parks Service was originally created by Congress through the National Parks Service Organic Act on August 25, 1916.

This year the National Parks Service will celebrate their 103rd Anniversary of the 59 National Parks.

Appointed by the President of the United States and run by the U.S. Department of the Interior, the agency was designed “to conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects and wildlife therein, and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such manner and by such means will leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations.” Yet, the person in charge of these majestic national parks would be the U.S.Dept of the Interior, and yet “there is no Federal Standards for Terrestrial search and rescue”.

Many of us have been hiking, camping or walking in the woods at a National Park only to see the signs noting “U.S. Government Property, NO TRESPASSING” never to think their could be a sinister plot connected, another world beneath the ground, one filled with possible government cover ups and connected with D.U.M.B.S. aka deep underground military bases used for experimentation on humans and animals, unseen by the naked eye.

Legends and stories looming from Indian and Tribal Elders warn against being alone in the woods as beings from other dimensions, were lurking and open port holes into a time and space unlike what the average human could comprehend, could some of these old tribal stories be associate with alien technologies, working with our government in secret and using humans and animals to experiment on?

Many of us are drawn to the beauty and serenity of parks and forests, we vacation yearly though the U.S. to enjoy outdoors sports such as camping, boating, hiking and just sitting among the trees breathing in the air, but there is something sinister that the public and mainstream MEDIA isn’t talking about, since the inception of these national wonders, the past decade has investigated, thousands upon thousands of people have gone missing, and only a handful who returned, don’t remember anything that happened to them, as though their mind was erased from time and events that unfolded.

What is baffling is the fact that the American government admits to not keeping an active database on missing persons in National Parks. What’s wrong with this picture?

David Paulides, a retired Police Detective of more than 20 years of service to include, swat team, and street crimes unit in San Jose California noticed a pattern of a startling number of children going missing from national parks. Among these cases, he noticed odd similarities.

Paulides made it his life’s mission to investigate what’s really taking place in our national parks and why is there NO public or media attention on these missing persons or federal documentation.

Through years of investigations he noticed an emerging pattern; missing persons were clustered around bodies of water in national parks, usually within a 150 mile range. He also noticed that if some of the missing persons were found alive, they had complete memory loss of time and place. If these missing persons were found dead, the cause of their deaths went undetermined. Sometimes these victims were found in an area totally unrelated to where they went missing as well, some were found in the most remote areas of forests or on mountain tops to difficult to reach by foot.

Paulides gave the example of a little boy whose body was found lying on a fallen tree trunk. This tree was lying across the trail searchers had taken for days before the body appeared there. People are often missing their clothes and shoes. Search and rescue dogs are strangely unable to pick up the scent, Paulides said. Some canine handlers have told Paulides their search dogs act strangely, walking a little ways, circling, then sitting down.

As an Investigative Detective working on these missing persons cases, he filed many FOIA requests for various cases and did NOT receive much help. Yosemite National Park Service gave an obtuse reply, while working in concert with four other retired law enforcement personnel, he filed a FOIA request with the park service asking for a list of people that have gone missing in Yosemite. The park service replied “We keep no such lists.” Paulides and company immediately grasped the breathtaking level of negligence required for the park service NOT to keep such lists and the unlikelihood of such incompetence existing in a Federal agency of the NPS’s stature.

They filed their FOIA again, rewording it in case it was a question of semantics. The chilling response of the NPS western regional director was a blanket denial of such a list existing at either the park level or the national level. Paulides quotes her as saying “we rely on the institutional memory of our employees to help us on missing people and to understand the magnitude of it at different parks.”

Paulides then sent her a letter stating that he was a published author that had requested an exemption. He was entitled by law to a list utilizing the resources she had just quoted.

The park service responded that his books were not carried in enough libraries to get an author’s exemption and they would have to go into the archives and formulate a list and that would cost him thirty-four thousand dollars.

That would be for a list of missing people in Yosemite. For the entire park system, Paulides was told he would have to pay 1.4 million dollars. Instead this seasoned Investigator wrote a series of books titled “Missing 411” as well, produced the movie and accounts of some of the missing. He interviewed the former Obama appointee, U.S. Secretary of Interior, “Ken Salazar” who served this office from the time frame of 2009 to 2013.

Paulides film crew asked Salazar if there were any public records of missing persons kept in files or a database system, and to the shock and awe of the movie team, they were told by Salazar “I don’t recall”.

If you are planning a walk or hike in the woods at one of the National parks in the near future, it’s best to go with others, carry a GPS in case you get lost, tell someone where you are going and be aware of your surroundings, and maybe consider taking some sort of protection.

We have no guarantees in this life that we will live to see tomorrow, but by arming ourselves with the knowledge that nefarious activities of unexplained circumstances are taking place in our National parks, this is the first step because these missing persons cases are not being shared in the media or on a federal database system.

It’s up to us to be our brothers keeper.

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