As a sort of ‘political sequel’ to the 1994 Hollywood comedy Dumb and Dumber, a spokesperson for former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton, the failed 2016 Democrat presidential candidate, have announced that the former first couple will travel together to visit thirteen cities in the United States and Canada on a speaking tour, starting after this year’s mid-term elections in November.  

Curious why they are waiting until after the election. Could it be that they aren’t too sure about the impact they might have on the Democrats chances of retaking the House and Senate?

Hillary’s shot at becoming the first woman President of the United States came up short, mostly due to her being the worst candidate running the dumbest campaign of any politician in recent memory. And her once popular husband brought little to his wife’s presidential effort since his history of being a sexual predator reemerged as a serious political liability, and he had to remain in the background and out of the public eye as much as possible.

It would seem that the Clintons are trying to remain relevant even though that ship has long sailed away and most of the American people have moved onto other things, determined to put the years of ‘Clinton Fatigue’ far behind them. But the Clintons just don’t get it. They seem not to be able to accept the fact that most Americans simply don’t care to see or hear from them anymore.

I’ve often times described Hillary Clinton as “the most dishonest, corrupt, and despicable politician in American history to ever run for the highest office in the land, rivaled only by her husband and Barack Obama”. And I stand by that description.

It’s as accurate and relevant today as it has been throughout both of the Clinton’s long political careers, stretching all the way back to when Bill was governor of Arkansas. And in Hillary’s case even further back when she was fired from the House Watergate Committee for dishonesty.

Following her election loss to President Donald J. Trump, the former Secretary of State of no consequence has gone from taking well-planned and choreographed long walks in the woods near her New York home, to visiting with every liberal television host that will have her so that she can peddle her excuses for losing an election that for all intents was ‘in the bag’.

And now making plans to travel to more than a dozen cities – and with her husband Bill no less! All part of her on-going effort to try to salvage her reputation and her place in history. Not that it’s a record worthy of any note, other than for her level of corruption and lies.

Unfortunately for her, outside of her Hollywood supporters she will always be known for her failings as a politician and a human being to a far greater number of Americans. Many rightly argue that she and her husband should be sharing a cell in a federal prison rather than traipsing around the country telling their version of the truth – more accurately telling a pack of self-serving lies.

Most recently Hillary Clinton proclaimed that Democrats – one and the same with Socialist / Communists – would not be “civil” towards Republicans until after the Democrats regain power. If they are ever again lucky enough to do so using their regular tactics of promising free stuff, lies, and voter fraud.

The truth is, the Democrats have never been civil in recent memory. They attacked then Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas with false sexual harassment charges during his confirmation hearings, just as they have done with now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Crazy Maxine Waters has been drumming up hate and violence against Republicans and the Trump Administration for two years. And now former Obama Administration Attorney General Eric Holder is encouraging his brainless followers to “kick Republicans if they go low”. Most likely with much of the anger and protests being coordinated and choreographed behind the scenes by Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett.

The Clintons and the Democrats as a whole may be corrupt, and corrupter, but the American people hopefully aren’t dumb enough to put them back into power. At least through a fair and honest election.

Considering the violent tendencies of the left; it’s a good bet that more attacks against conservatives are in the offing. Republicans would do well to keep that in mind when going to the polls in a few weeks.

And remember, we must remain vigilant. Because no communist regime has ever willingly just given up power.