No matter, life ending or simply another bug, Covid-19 and the attendant panic and reaction to it, especially in the USA should be the biggest wakeup call of the 21st Century. In fact this little microbe killer should end some of the many arguments and inanities of our time, you know like political correctness, open borders, unregulated immigration, destruction of the rule of law, accusing people of hate crimes for wanting a safe environment and so much more of the idiocy that goes on in country masquerading around as actual conversation and problem solving.

For those of us with a faith life, we know that a chastisement from God is nothing to take lightly, in fact a genuine God based chastisement would be life changing for everyone.

So, let’s say this Coronavirus – Covid-19 is not a message from the almighty and instead let’s look at it as a wakeup call for our country, the right and the left and everyone in between.

This frightening sickness has spread around the world rather quickly, but in an age of jet travel that’s really not surprising. It has taken a lot of lives so far and more people will die from this disease. Will it turn out to be like the 1918 Influenza Pandemic that killed so many or will it fizzle out like the others have in recent years – H1N1, Sars, the Bird Flu etc.  It will do its damage and move on, making room for the next wave of plague or disease that is inevitably only a short time away. 

Maybe, just maybe we need to check our political bias at the door and realize what caused this current mess and chaos that is enveloping our lives, crashing our economy, panicking half the population and keeping us all inside except for the daring runs to the empty grocery stores for 12 packages of toilet paper. Maybe we can wake up and get back to common sense and problem solving based on facts and not on feelings, opinions or stupidity.

By not having a solid pro-American policy on everything, we have put ourselves at the mercy of enemy powers. The medicine we need to treat this Virus and all other illnesses is made in China and they are threatening to withhold the damn medicine⏤are we nuts? If that doesn’t change the paradigm, today, immediately we are asking for our own funerals. Bring home all pharmaceutical manufacture and research right now. Give them tax breaks, research breaks, whatever is required to get their production of medicine back on US soil, so we don’t have to beg an enemy for an aspirin or for a pill to keep our mothers, fathers and babies alive! 

America first is not a racist statement, it is a statement that says we will care for Americans, all Americans before every other country. That means American people of every color, race, religion, sexual orientation and creed. We look out for our own in every decision we make.

If we don’t see the absolute stupidity of political correctness and political weaponizing of words for political gain at this point, we are only asking for our demise as a nation.

If you are one of those that find yourself clever for twisting the meaning of America first into a cudgel to bash over the heads of anyone who wants to see America at the top of the heap instead of at the bottom of a pile of corpses, you are the problem. Wake Up!

For the rest of us who sit idly by and take this nonsense out of fear of name calling, shame on us, we are part of the problem. There is nothing racist about wanting your own house to thrive and your family to be healthy, we are one American family and we better start acting like family.

Allowing anyone into our country without the proper screening, even for really nice good-hearted reasons, is a suicidal ideation. I think watching our elderly parents and those countrymen with weakened immune systems die from a flu should be more than enough evidence of the folly and danger of this feel good approach to our borders.  

We need immigration, but we should be deciding who we need to help our country grow stronger, more prosperous and better for American citizens before we put out the “All welcome” sign and allow just anyone in just because they will vote a particular way in the elections. Wake Up!

When we allow the big mouth buffoons and the anti-American fifth column in our midst to control the language and make up the rules as we go, we are asking for this never ending and painful decline of American life. When we allow those same people to decide what laws will be followed and what laws we will ignore to suit some political argument we reduce the rule of law to mere suggestions. The only protection we really have from a tyrannical government is the rule of law, if we let it die, we sign our own death warrant! We must demand that everyone is subject to the rule of law and the laws we enact through our representatives apply to everyone, not just the people who are not connected or have enough money to bend the system in their favor. Wake Up!   

Our rights are sacred, we cannot allow weak minded politicians to strip our rights by simply playing to our fears or decency. I think of the 2nd amendment. It is vital to our survival and we the people are not the concern.

To allow these leaders to play us and suggest that because criminals and some people with mental issues attack us on occasion, as tragic as that is, we should give up our rights of self-defense and this will keep everyone safe? We are not the problem! Aggressively go after criminals and treat the mentally disabled. Wake Up!

My rant is almost at end here my friends. I hope I’ve made my point. It is time for all of us thinking people to stand up and change the rules to reflect reality. In the year 2020 and beyond we cannot allow those who would rule over us to do so by using the same tired arguments of the past.

No one really cares what your race is, or the color of your skin, no one hates you for those reasons, those days are mostly gone and to continue to live as though we are in the thick of a racist rally because a few remaining haters are still around is to control us. We are not a hating nation.

No one cares who you love. More love is better than less love. Let’s just all respect each other and take care of each other. Let’s really be tolerant and not just use the words as an axe to chop down any attempt at real conversation.

If Covid-19 hasn’t been a wake-up call, what will be? This lockdown lifestyle we are living is ample proof of the need to change the way things are going before we can’t or before the methodology of change is much more aggressive and dangerous. 

A Chastisement is a punishment intended to change a bad behavior, to make us see our way clearer and proceed in a healthier manner and most importantly to see the error of our ways, or in other words a wake-up call. Maybe, after all, this Covid-19 is both a mild chastisement and a wake-up call all rolled into one. Are we paying attention yet?