We all like to think that we are in control of our destiny – if we just work hard enough and have clear goals, then we will fulfill our dreams. But maybe things aren’t going as smoothly as you had hoped. In fact, there might be times where you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall. Perhaps everything you’re doing to try to be more successful just isn’t working. So you might be scratching your head thinking,

“What am I doing wrong?”

Don’t worry. You’re probably not doing anything wrong. You just need to dig deeper. We all have blocks to success that aren’t obvious at all. Our discussion today will focus on five ways you can uncover and remove these hidden blocks on the road to YOUR success.

Childhood abuse or abuse at any age – together with any kind of trauma can cause mental blocks that can prevent one from living their life. Without objective awareness of our emotions and motivations we can never enjoy the freedom of choice that let’s us get what we really want from life. Unfortunately, we set up many mental blocks for ourselves that keep us from achieving this kind of self knowledge.

My guest in this show, Christine Mauriello has been through it all, mental blocks stemming from sexual violation at ages 7 and 17, years of struggle with PTSD and PNES, and now an independent woman who has found herself and her way to Freedom of Choice and living. She says “ I aspire to publish many books, to be a presenter on Ted Talks, teach scripture and history to those desiring to be disciples, learn how to receive love without fear, have a radio talk show, travel with my person brand of hope and deliverance, soup kitchen for the hurting, hungry and lost, and record a dvd instructional on self-healing from ptsd.”

Perhaps by understanding some of the obstacles, we can more easily overcome them, especially when you hear it from someone who has been through so much and can now talk about her trauma and recovery to help others.

DrStem is a Licensed Psychotherapist, International Best Seller, Teen-Parent Expert, Wellness Coach, Certified Passion Test Facilitator, Certified John Maxwell Leadership Trainer, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and President/Founder of Global Counseling & Coaching Services, Inc. which focuses on speaking, training, workshops and seminars for teenagers, parents and women. She is the Host of the DrStem Show Talk Radio and Podcast on America Out Loud. DrStem “Life Plus”, is all about Motivation, Inspiration, Education, Empowerment and Encouragement. She is a teen-parent expert who understands that many teens are missing the parental or adult guidance they need during these challenging years. DrStem is on a mission to inspire, and empower teenagers and adults alike to feel the fear and go after their passions and dreams anyway. Her work is designed to bring HOPE, boosting confidence and encouraging others to live their lives Freely and Fearlessly.