by Brooke Says

I’m so sick of these violent liberals who go out there and shout at the sky, riot, destroy (other) people’s property, etc., because they don’t ‘like’ Trump, or Republicans, or Milo, Ben, Ann or whatever. Trust me, there are PLENTY of things conservatives don’t like but we don’t go burning ours or others’ cities down because of it, or beat the shit out of strangers. How many riots were there after the 2008 & 2012 elections of Obama? Uh, none…that’s right, ZERO! We didn’t go crazy breaking windows & burning down businesses of hardworking taxpayers or assaulting Obama (or Hillary) supporters, we got active. We protested (always peacefully) with Tea Party rallies, and we voted, and we won. The Obama-Reid-Pelosi agenda lost over 1,100 seats nationwide from the Courthouse to the White House, all without an ounce of violence.

So now you’re getting active. Great, that’s what the democratic process is all about! Just do it peacefully! Because I assure you, WE have reached our limit! We’ve reached our limit of your name-calling, your fraudulent characterizations of us, your marginalization and intimidation. We haven’t fought back like we could have for one, because Obama probably would’ve prosecuted us, and two, because we have better things to do things to do than waste our time on you! But let me be very clear…WE ARE FED UP! No more passivity in the face of your irrational aggression, we are ready for battle.

We are primed and ready to defend our positions on our American values and citizenship, religious freedom (which does NOT include subjugation by and acquiescence to, Sharia!) moral stance, intellectual philosophies and yes, gun rights. And we are not only not afraid, we are empowered! We are strong and united in our righteous cause! So if you think you’re ready and think you can take this MAGA Army, bring it!

Bring your arguments. Debate us. Persuade us. Convince us your way is right, but with words and ideas and not violence! We stand firmly by our positions and can and will defend them, with facts instead of fists (but we can do that too if we must, so be forewarned). The patient tolerance of your abuses is over, and we can and will fight back.

Meet you on the battlefield hope you’re ready…WE ARE!

Brooke Says is a Conservative Activist, Patriot, writer, publisher, and advisor and subject matter expert on social and cultural matters. She advises her local Republican leadership on social and cultural conflicts affecting our country right now. She understands, as Andrew Breitbart assessed, that ‘politics is downstream from culture’, and that in order to win the battle for the soul of America and preserve Liberty, you need to fight as hard and ruthlessly as the Democrats, whose policies and ideology have sought to destroy the Constitutional foundation of this nation.