Is it time to craft a congressional bill to hold politicians more accountable that we elect, that take the Oath of office, but then violate their Constitutional Oath. In the U.S. military, where one takes the Oath, a set of laws govern them known as the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). And those who have violated those set laws of the UCMJ have ended up with administrative punishment, imprisoned or discharged. It should be no different for politicians; the core of this Oath to the U.S. Constitution is exactly the same.

Article I Section V of the U.S. Constitution clearly states—
“Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behaviour, and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member.”

Why not create and pass a bill to establish a panel of Constitutional Judges to rule on violations of the Constitutional Oath? Congress can already expel its own members. If such a court of Judges were in existence, a congressional member could bring a case to the court for review on a member, who they believe a violation(s) may have occurred. The House or Senate, depending on which house the member was elected to in congress, must take a mandatory vote on the member for the sole purpose of Expulsion, not Censure from congress; a two thirds vote would still be required to expel the member. The Majority leader of the House or Senate where the member is from would have no option but to hold the vote or be in contempt of Congress. This court is in addition to the already established rules for Expulsion or Censure that congress already has in place.

If a Constitutional court had been established for members of Congress, Congressman Charles Rangel, who was found guilty of 11 counts of ethics violations by the House Ethics committee, for not paying his taxes for many years could have gone under a mandatory vote by the House for Expulsion from Congress, rather than Censure. Instead, Rangel only received Censure and was not expelled from Congress, receiving what amounted to a public condemnation and a slap on the wrist while losing his committee chair. Rangel still had his seat in congress and could vote on legislation.

To add salt to this wound to our nation the IRS did not charge Rangel with crimes, even though at the time he chaired the House Committee on Ways and Means, which is by the way the chief tax-writing committee in the House of Representatives. This scandal broke during the Obama years and Rangel continued to be reelected and he finally retired in 2017.

If such a “Constitutional Court of Judges” were established it would be a stronger check against a member by congressional members through a Constitutional court. Rather than an inept Ethics Committee which over the years used our own tax monies (hush money) to pay off people that have been wronged by members of congress. A Constitutional court of Judges would go a long way in protecting the American people in many facets. Such as exposing congress for not following through on a mandatory vote for possible Expulsion when needed, and expose those who were against an Expulsion. A mandatory vote would keep congressional members more honest and in fear of being voted out of congress.

All of this makes perfect sense given the history of our lawmakers passing legislation that is unconstitutional to begin with, such as Obamacare; they may have never done it if a Constitutional court was in place. Of course, here is the rub, getting the House and Senate to pass such a bill to hold themselves more accountable to their constituents.

There is some action a citizen can take other than just reading this piece and moving on, send the link of this article, for example, to your House Republican representative, but not solely to them over social media but directly to them at their government provided website. Those who are in the know can certainly realize that sending it to a Democrat, or rather a Marxist politician, would be pure folly.

For Further Insight:
Of utmost importance to send to your representatives, time for bold moves, time to let them know you want action on these critical issues as well.

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