It’s all about communications and Democrats, for all their insanity, are great at it and Republicans are (generally) terrible at it! What is missing is correlation, i.e., for every claim that is made about Republicans, a correlating fact about Democrats, or what I like to call ‘velcroing’. For instance with this ridiculous ‘Russia’ narrative & collusion. EVERY SINGLE TIME there is something mentioned about Trump ‘colluding’ with the Russians, EVERY SINGLE PERSON speaking on behalf of Trump should say “Oh, you mean like Hillary selling off 20% of American uranium and then mining financier Frank Giustra donating $31.3 million to the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton getting paid $500,000 to speak in Russia by an investment bank with ties to Russia’s government that had a buy rating on Uranium One’s stock? Or maybe when Hillary Clinton says that Republicans are xenophobic for wanting to enforce immigration laws, I’d say, ‘Oh, like Bill Clinton was in 1995 when he said the EXACT SAME THINGS Trump is saying about immigration and low-skilled immigrants harming American workers’? You can look it up on YouTube if you don’t believe me? You mean like that?’ See? Everything said about Republicans (and now, by default, Trump) needs to be attached to or ‘velcroed’ to a correlating statement made by Democrats to point out their abject hypocrisy and lies. Because they will NEVER see anything about any of this on CNN, MSNBC or the MSM, they are clueless…they must be told about it at every chance. 

On race…Democrats are THE party of slavery, segregation, the KKK, Bull Conner, Jim Crow, etc. In fact the KKK was the paramilitary wing of the Democrat Party. So whenever anyone talks about the Republicans being racist, it should ALWAYS be brought up that it’s Democrat history, NOT Republican history, and that, in fact, Democrats (including Al Gore’s father) voted AGAINST Civil Rights legislation, and if it weren’t for Republicans voting for it, it wouldn’t have passed. Another thing on race… white Americans in general are more terrified of being called racist than ANYTHING else (because of the history of slavery and racial segregation in the country), and since Democrats understand this and somehow have managed to paint Republicans as racist (based on misunderstandings about Nixon’s Southern Strategy) they can call ANYTHING Republicans try to do as racist.

You want to curb welfare? Racist. You want school choice? Racist. Even though both welfare & failing schools have particularly devastated poor black Americans the most, people who, ironically, vote overwhelmingly for the very policies that are hurting them, and why? Because Democrats have convinced them that Republicans are racist, and they, Democrats, ‘care’ about them. I said during the campaign that Trump should have rented theaters for the movie Hillary’s America in as many black neighborhoods as possible so Carol Swain could educate them on the TRUTH about Democrats…That’s the kind of thinking that gets things changed. It’s gangster, it’s guerrilla…it’s effective!

Culture – Obama (& Hillary for that matter) was against gay marriage (at least publicly) because he knew blacks are generally against it, (which means he LIED to his voters about his true feelings) but he came out for it because he wanted to ensure the gay vote.  Hillary made a self-righteous speech on the Senate floor about being for traditional marriage but later, when it became politically expedient, not only is ‘for’ it, but then has the nerve to call Republicans homophobic (while at the same time taking MILLION$ from countries that KILL people for being gay). They get away with it because there is not only no ‘cohesion’ within the Republican/conservative ranks, but because Democrats are better at ‘messaging’ and Alinsky scare tactics.  

Obamacare: If you want to get Democrat help on fixing and/or replacing healthcare, I would have a 24/7 rolling video of Obama LYING about being able to ‘keep your doctor, keep your plan’ AND the great compilation video (found on YouTube) of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber talking about the stupidity of the American voter and how they KNEW it was going to increase costs. I would LITERALLY have Trump Tweet those videos out when he’s Tweeting about Obamacare, which is hurting Republicans AND Democrat voters! I would have all of these videos on the front page of all of President Trump’s personal social media sites.  

The way to ‘shut down’ the hysteria and hyperbole is to throw their OWN WORDS back in their faces, which is why talking about Romney being a rich ‘vulture capitalist’ was not as effective as his OWN voice talking about the 47%. Or Sean Hannity’s regular diatribes about Obama being a socialist as effective as the video of him telling Joe the Plumber he wanted to ‘spread the wealth’, etc.. 

The reason Trump has been so successful is that he’s basically employing guerrilla warfare tactics to a conventional battlefield. He needs to do that in the field of communications, and he needs to have people in his camp who understand this and do the same thing. Not from a defensive, reactive position but from an offensive, confident position. If there is a subject on which they will be questioned, they should have EVERY possible bit of background information on what Democrats have said & done about the same issue so they can throw it back at them (I call that the QRF topics battle-plan). Republicans have played defense for so long they don’t know how to FIGHT! Some do, but not many, and not all that well. 

It’s a new era thanks to Trump – who IS great at it – and his incredible victory has not only emboldened the genuine Patriots in Congress to fight and stick to their guns, but a whole new crop of cultural guerrilla warriors to fight (Candace Owens, Cernovich, Jack Prosobiec, Omar Navarro, etc.) Case in point – a REAL Indian (from India) GOP candidate for MA Senate sent FAKE Indian Elizabeth Fauxcahantas Warren a DNA test to prove her heritage. That’s not only hilarious, it’s BOLD!! Some may find it tacky (I don’t, I LOVED it!), but it illustrates a couple of points that are imperative to understand: 1) The time for playing nice is OVER!!! The Democrats don’t do it and neither should we nor can we if we’re to save this country. 2) The hypocrisy of a white woman claiming to be Native American at Harvard in order to get tenure would never get exposed since she’s a Democrat, but God FORBID a Republican did it, it’d be a chyron on CNN 24/7! 

Democrats MUST be exposed for their hypocrisy on all of these issues in order to let the uninformed know who they REALLY are. The same can be said for the liars and hypocrites in the Republican Party by the way, who SAID they were for repealing Obamacare when they were asking for our vote, (John McCain anyone???) but who voted AGAINST it when they actually had the chance, but that’s another subject for another day.

There are some great videos on YouTube that show not only (sadly) how uneducated Democrat voters are about the issues, but also, how they think something is true about Republicans that is actually true about Democrats (such as on slavery, segregation, etc.), many from Campus Reform. When they are SHOWN the proof they often rethink their positions (abortion is another example….show a graphic video of what it IS and people freak out & often change their position).

The bottom line is MESSAGING…if you can’t get your message across, you can’t get the support you need to make the changes you want. Trump had a great, simple message: Make America Great Again, but he’s got every facet of society that didn’t vote for him against him – the media, entertainment, academia, even many in his own party. I liken it to a porcupine having all of his quills turned INWARD…that’s what Trump is facing. He and those who work for him and support him must be able to effectively get the message out there about what those opposing forces are doing, i.e. Velcro on every issue, if he wants to make the structural changes that will truly Make America Great Again…for ALL Citizens.

Brooke Says is a Conservative Activist, Patriot, writer, publisher, and advisor and subject matter expert on social and cultural matters. She advises her local Republican leadership on social and cultural conflicts affecting our country right now. She understands, as Andrew Breitbart assessed, that ‘politics is downstream from culture’, and that in order to win the battle for the soul of America and preserve Liberty, you need to fight as hard and ruthlessly as the Democrats, whose policies and ideology have sought to destroy the Constitutional foundation of this nation.