A Conniving Government Run Amuck

Chuckie Schumer blathering on at the Senates podium in the well, threatened President Trump if Mueller was removed from the Trump-Russian collusion investigation. Eric Holder, a potential criminal for the dock, for his Fast and Furious scheme that cost American and Mexican lives, also threatened president Trump if Mueller were removed. What are they afraid of? The truth. Panic and dismay are becoming the handmaidens to the future prospects of the Democrat party.

Why do these two disparate but, ideologically joined characters feel the need to make threats to the President of the United States? What power do they wield that could make that happen? I suspect it’s because they fear the inevitable, coming collapse of their beloved brand of Socialism, the thesis of multiculturalism and diversity they deemed necessary for American happiness, and assumed all Americans had now accepted. That result not being the case, they will do about anything to stop the Trump onslaught that is destroying their Marxist legacy.

Eric Holder, Obama’s first AG, is in even deeper trouble as the architect and coconspirator with Obama, scheming to unlawfully sell guns from US gun shops to Mexican drug cartels, to use as an excuse to deny us our 2nd Amendment right to defend ourselves. The scheme was exposed for the stupidity and criminality it was, but Holder escaped his reckoning with justice. Why? Because he was an Obama aparatchek?

Remember, totalitarian governments, like the Democrat party wants to install here in America, can never succeed so long as Americans have the absolute right to bear arms and defend themselves from a conniving government. A prime example of this government overreach can be seen in the governments attempt to intimidate the Bundy family of cattle ranching fame in Nevada a protest that later spread to Burns, Oregon where one protester was murdered.

Juries have all but acquitted the Bundy’s and their defenders in Nevada and Oregon, of the crimes alleged against them. But, their ordeal has cost them a fortune in defense expenses, a tactic often used by government to intimidate defendants or squeeze them financially to admit to piddly misdemeanors, all to achieve a larger government goal, the submission of a cowed populace to the power of the state.

But, there is still justice to be seen. Since Trump, the FBI is experiencing a shock to its system. First, the removal of Clinton activist, former director of the FBI, James Comey. Second, the reassignment of the FBI’s General Counsel, James Baker. Third, the Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe announcing his retirement and, finally, as we see, the flood of resignations that will start, just as they have in the State Department and the EPA. The rats are fleeing the ship.

Obamas FBI and DoJ, now thoroughly corrupted at the top, trusted Steele’s product because he had worked with them before on another case of some consequence. The top ranks of both the FBI and DoJ were “all in” for Hillary Clinton, a cause and effect started by the infection the Clintons introduced in Bills first ‘go’ as President, maybe even as early as Hillary Clinton’s Whitewater and Rose Law firm problems they took with them to the White House. A cosy relationship developed, possibly career promises made (Jim Comey), to the point that evidence of Hillary’s felonious misconduct were passed over or simply ignored by her acolytes now holding the reins of authority.

Like Uncle Remus’ Tar Baby in his Tales featuring Br’er Rabbit, the FBI and DoJ allowed themselves to get stuck on the Steele Dossier (Fusion GPS) report as gospel truth, and did so without proper vetting or authenticating his dramatic revelations. They plunged ahead recklessly with the single intent to ruin even the remotest possibility that Trump could ever get elected over Hillary Clinton. As it turned out, she couldn’t even win a rigged election.

Subsequently, now firmly stuck to that ol’ Tar Baby, as it were, the FBI and DOJ characters who allowed themselves to be corrupted, and now occupying the leadership roles that corruption permitted, had to decide what their mission and purpose was to be. Obey the law, follow the Constitution and dump on Hillary and Obama thus saving their reputations and the FBI’s as well, or remain convinced that Hillary couldn’t possibly lose the election, which fact, they thought,  would make all crimes, reports, investigations and etc. of the Clintons and the DNC, disappear forever. I believe that’s the path they choose but, it has risen up to bite them in the…. posterior. “It is not trends but choices that matter most at the key moments in history.” 

The FBI Leadership, as email evidence reveals, and as Mueller’s choices for his investigative team suggests, were clearly predisposed to accept Steele’s phony dossier as the truth. Their confidence in Steele and their notions about Trumps bombastic behavior coupled with his outward flamboyant character, made it easy for them to dismiss him as a buffoon and not to even bother to verify the alleged facts that Steel reported on because they knew Hillary would win, all the polls said so!

The FBI’s biggest leadership failure was one of incompetence by relying on that now debunked report to obtain their FISA warrants under the protective cover of Counter-Intelligence Security. Any evidence that resulted from those tainted searches must now be deemed “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree” and rendered inadmissible. No other conclusion can be drawn.

Collusion with other characters outside the lineup of usual suspects includes Clinton Foundation money donated to Jill McCabe, wife of retiring FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who was herself involved with producing the Trump-Russian collusion-Fusion report. The funds were provided so she could run for State Senator in Virginia. Jill McCabe was given a nearly $700 thousand dollar donation. What could possibly go wrong here?

The waters of criminal conspiracy run deep, dark and are very murky. That they are running at all shows that the movement of the swamp water toward the drain has begun. Trump is being effective and Jeff Sessions can happily spend the next seven years mending the torn fabric of Americans trust in the FBI and sending criminals to prison. That can’t be bad, but they must include Obama and all the Clinton acolytes. Crime is crime after all. That’s why we have laws.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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