Viewpoint This Sunday – The Kavanaugh confirmation process has both riveted and polarized the nation. Today on Viewpoint we will take a more factual approach to the hearings and all the top stories of the week. Every Sunday 10 AM EST with an Encore Presentation at 6 PM on America Out Loud Talk Radio. Listen on-demand after 1 PM on Sunday on Podcast Networks Worldwide. Subscribe to Viewpoint on Apple Podcasts by clicking here. Look for our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY Program Special this October 28.

Top Stories of the Week

Ilana Freedman and Dr Ron Martinelli provide the analysis and in-depth discussion on the top stories that you need to know.

  • All eyes were on Kavanaugh v Ford or was it Kavanaugh v The System
  • Rod Rosenstein called to testify privately to Congress next week
  • Is Trump Eyeing A Coup In Venezuela?
  • Senior Iranian security official threatens Israel
  • Facebook is Breached, 50 million users data at risk

Ilana Freedman column: One Woman’s View of the Kavanaugh Hearings

Congressional Hypocrisy at its Finest

The Kavanaugh confirmation process would suggest that our divide has heightened to new levels and intensity as we move closer to the November midterm elections. Is it hypocrisy, denial, political posturing, all of the above, or the new normal? When you hear political activists proclaim “The Hill That We Die On” as their mantra, it clarifies the intensity of the moment! Where is this all coming from? Del Wilber and Stasyi Barth provide the analysis behind this ‘great divide’.

Del Wilber column: Through the Looking Glass, Kavanaugh In Wonderland

Who’s Credible – Dr. Ford or Judge Kavanaugh?

You must first know what forensically constitutes ‘credible’… During the hearings we heard Christine Blasey Ford is a “very credible witness,” against the Hon. Judge Kavanaugh, is this an accurate description for someone who has just asked her a few questions? Does innocent until proven guilty apply here? Reasonable suspicion, probable cause, guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and/or a preponderance of evidence…

Dr Ron Martinelli column: Who’s Credible – Dr. Ford or Judge Kavanaugh? You Must First Know What Forensically Constitutes ‘Credible’

SEPT 30th 10 AM EST

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