President Trump has far exceeded all expectations in defending religious freedom, the second amendment, a pro-life agenda, economic growth and deregulation. But, he’s not finished yet and more needs to be done on all these fronts to Make America Great Again. Despite Trump’s unique character, if he can manage to win and have coattails long enough to recover the House, maintain control of the Senate and throw a net over the remaining RINO’S, then he will enter the league of Lincoln and Reagan as a true statesman without the impediment of being a politician dragging him down. He will become America’s Simon Bolivar. If you are Common Core educated you will probably have no clue who Simon Bolivar was. Look him up! If, on the other hand Trump looses to this career politician clown Joe Biden, and the Dems flip the Senate, then it will become an “I told you so” moment! We are at the cusp of forever!

Apart from any singular revelations that may have issued after the debate, there are other issues not mentioned that need to be illuminated with the disinfecting sunshine of the truth, mainly about Communist China’s very dangerous efforts to influence American politics. 

We already know that Sen. Diane Feinstein harbored a CCP Spy on her staff for nearly two decades. I am certain that the NSA and CIA knew about her chauffeurs nefarious activities, as she must have known, but allowed it go on as a reverse operation of damage control and to identify all the spies in his Chinese spy ring, as that is surly what it was! 

China’s activities has spread to Colleges and Universities everywhere through bribing of researchers, and professors to share the results of their studies with financial grants to subsidize their research results. China apparently knows, as the Soviets did, that many Americans will betray their country, their profession and their sacred honor, for cash. 

Now comes information that Democrat Senatorial Candidate Mark Kelly, a retired American Navy Captain and astronaut has become a champion of China’s efforts to supplant America’s world roll. Regardless of how it’s happily framed by media descriptions, anybody associated with the CCP either become an agent of influence, or an outright spy, and that includes Senators, Military personnel, CIA and FBI personnel and candidates for political office.

A 25 June 2020 article in the Phoenix (Az) Metro News reported an NRSC ad on local television and social media, focused on Republican Senators Martha McSally’s Democratic opponent, Capt. Mark Kelly, and his business ties with China. It identified Tencent, a Chinese tech company that invested in World View Enterprises, a Tucson-based commercial space exploration venture Kelly helped create in 2014, uses its connections with World View and other US companies to steal US Space technology.

The ad further suggested Kelly’s financial gains from Chinese investments made him willing to make excuses for China’s actions against the US and the world. A fact check by Phoenix based ABC15 TV, revealed Tencent owns a 5% stake in World View Enterprises and it has no influence in the company’s day-to-day business.

Not to sound like a McCarthyite, but it becomes clear that China is actively engaged in Anti-American activities by suborning American researchers, military personnel and educators, if they can, to fulfill their goal of world hegemony by stealing our scientific and military developments. We simply cannot allow that to continue.

How to fight it: Vote Conservative, vote the rascals out and don’t let the other rascals in! 

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way! Now, go get ’em!