President Trump will give his first State of the Union speech Tuesday evening. It should be a doozy. I expect it to be a complete success because every speech Trump has made has been a signal success, except to the marxists acolytes of the media and the Democrat party.

The Democrat party is in disarray. As things are now going, with the departures of many “deep state” congressmen and senators of both parties, plus the coming departures of many of the higher echelons of the FBI and the DoJ, complicit in the pro-Hillary, anti-Trump cabal, reflects that another of Trumps campaign promises is being fulfilled, draining the “Swamp.”

He will not mention these tawdry issues in his speech because the President is focused on success. He will remind people of his successes with the growing economy, the reduction of the regulation state, the collapse of Obamacare, the leveling of free trade policies and the legislative horror that is illegal immigration being reconstructed on his terms. He will focus also on the necessity of refunding the military to face off against the Islamic forces that endanger America.

This SOTU speech could actually be rather short because the media have already told us what’s wrong with the present state of the Union claiming that it’s Trumps fault, but they can’t argue against the growing success that really is Trumps fault. The media continues to deny that the Democrats and Obama specifically, had any responsibility for the economic success America is now experiencing.

Trump’s been in office one year and the economy shot off like a rocket. The incompetent, feckless Obama stepped up and attempted to claim credit for it and was all but was laughed off the stage. He’s as silly as Hillary and her “Never Ending Story,” who showed up to cheers at the sad Grammy awards ceremony to continue her screed that she was cheated out of the Presidency. She’s the gift that keeps on giving. The Grammys turned out to be a far left wing televised Hollywood political rally to continue the assault on Donald Trump.

The left, under the leadership of the high ranking theologians of the church of Progressive
policy, Schumer, Durbin, Feinstein and Pelosi, are reeling in confusion wondering what’s slapped them in the face. It was Trump and the SOTU speech should add fuel to the fire that is consuming them.

I believe the President will be polite to the Democrats inviting them to help him solve the immigration problem. Democrats will call, as they always do, for “comprehensive bipartisan legislation” to help those “Dreamer” children remain here and become citizens. Trump will offer the hand of agreement and they will refuse it. Schumer has already lost that battle but the deranged far left will badger him into committing another error in calculation.

Trump is anything but stupid. He understands the power of words, maybe not how to use them himself, but how others use them. “Comprehensive” is a word Trump knows simply means capitulation to Democrat demands for amnesty. He will not be going there.

Finally, the Nunes House Intell memo may have been released by today. Trump will ignore it. He’s already made his case against allegations of collusion and, the Mueller Investigation, apart from being cluttered up with Hillary acolytes, is becoming a bore to the public. Time is on Trumps side. He’s making America great again.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em.

George G. McClellan, a California native, was a Regular Army veteran and served a tour in post war Korea. His post army professional career covered 43 years in law enforcement including the California Highway Patrol and the US Naval Investigative Service (NCIS), among others. With the latter, he became a world traveler visiting and working in many countries from the Philippine Islands to the United Kingdom, Asia, the Middle-East, Bosnia, all of Europe, Russia and India. He retired from the NIS at Naval Air Station, Atlanta, Ga. and has remained in the north Georgia area since 1990 as a co-owner of a Security Consulting company. He earned a Certified Protectional Professional (CPP) certification from the American Society for Industrial Security, as well as a Fraud Examiner certification (CFE). He has published a historical biography on a namesake, a member of the John Jacob Astor Fur Company who explored a route west, and back, after Lewis and Clark. Early American history, Celtic influence on America and conservative politics, remain his greatest interests. He is also a bagpiper since 1975. He and his wife since 1965 now resides in Gilmer County, Ga.