The likes of Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein shined a bright spotlight on the alleged sex crimes running amuck in the hidden world of movies. Jeffrey Epstein’s role connected more dots as his role of procurer, organizer, and fixer of the North American chapter of the occultic sex magick practice, revealing truths into the once coveted, powerful, and wealthy life of the Hollywood elite.

Joined by the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, who added the whipped cream and cherry to this bizarre nightmare of the rich and famous. So cry yourself a river if you must over the once-revered actors and actresses, who fooled you with their skills. Most of the world cries for the children, those innocent victims slain in the name of satanic rituals and adrenochrome.

Hollywood and the entertainment industry have always possessed a hidden culture or shadow side to this glitz and glamour world, one whose façade embellishes the tangible assets of fame and fortune which are the price some actors have paid for their concealed lifestyles of cultish taboos.

Their love for lavish lifestyles wooed them into the world as adrenochrome drinking junkies as they sold their souls to the devil’s highest bidder, that of the earthly material world and the fountain of youth, found through the blood of children, in exchange for tomorrow’s sacred promise of eternity in God’s heavenly kingdom.

Looking back into the world of liberal glitz and the Golden Globes 2020 awards, it was plain to see commentator, Ricky Gervais, calling out the Hollywood cult and its inside world of perverts, by casting joke after joke, in reality, he was letting them know they were being put on notice.

Gervais, a huge Trump supporter who doesn’t align himself to the rogue antics of Hollyweird and its politics.

PEDOPHILIA is and has always been the number one problem in Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry, the rabbit hole runs deep and is infested with transgenders and sexual deviants, it’s the world of Sodom and Gomorrah unleashed, where the commodity of a moral compass is exchanged for fly by night sensations.

During the Trump administration’s first years in office, courageous whistleblowers have come forward throwing a monkey wrench into the works of the C_I and other deep state alphabet groups responsible for 99% of child sex trafficking and kidnapping of America and the world’s children.

It’s a proven fact that will be emerging through disclosures that many producers, directors, and actors of the Hollywood cult were involved in various aspects of crimes against humanity, regarding child trafficking, and other satanic and un-godly immoral acts.

Keep in mind, the indictments and arrests against this Hollyweird cast of characters by federal agents are backed up by hardcore facts and evidence.

Again, life imitates art, remember, the liberal elite entertainers create these movies, plays, and write songs sending messages of coded symbology to the masses, this is a part of their belief system and they always put this programming out there.

The Trump administration, through Executive Orders is addressing these issues concerning the arrests, deaths, and confiscation of property belonging to anyone involved with the harmful acts against children, human trafficking, and crimes against humanity.

Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

President Donald J. Trump Is Taking Action to End Human Trafficking

This has become a global epidemic and soon the remedy for justice and accountability will be presented to the world in the form of statements from all the alleged criminals who took part in any form of satanic and unholy acts against the world’s children.

President Trump has issued many Executive Orders targeting and combating human trafficking, crimes against children and humanity, serious human rights violations, and consumer fraud that demonstrate the Trump Administration’s dedication to stopping the nightmare of human trafficking.

Unfortunately, many of those Executive Orders are based upon the thousands of tragic, true-life stories and living nightmares of very real people.

The White House has developed many task forces in this epic battle against pure evil which the public will soon witness on a live broadcast in the months ahead into those who were arrested for crimes against children.

Despite the masked platforms and lavish lifestyles these criminals once held, they have fallen from the safe havens of Hollywood, corporations, government, military, clergy, and all areas of life, soon casting them in real-time for the world to witness.

We’ve been witnessing biblical times of revelations and revolutions, soon to be full disclosures in the weeks and months ahead. We’ve slain the naysayer dragons with ostrich syndrome and connected the dots, overburdened with the knowledge of a harsh reality, and soon, the incoming storm and dirty business once concealed will be revealed.

This show is about to become very real, but don’t go looking for that once favorite actor or actress, they probably made the hit list.

“Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime” – Herbert Ward

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