Ever been through an airport and had to spend some time in the waiting area?
Ever traveled on a cruise ship or a river boat, and tuned in to catch a little news?
Ever stay in a hotel, particularly in a foreign country, and settle in to see what’s happening in the world on the TV? 

What all those places have in common is CNN. The fakest of the fake news channels is the only news source you will get to watch that is an American based station, covering American News.

My curiosity was piqued, so I asked places why they have CNN instead of Fox News, when Fox has much higher ratings than CNN and MSNBC combined. CNN has made contracts to have their stations play in airports, allowing the airport to advertise for themselves on the stations in each airport. The airports have said that they sign multi-year contracts with CNN and they receive TV equipment and money for allowing them to have exclusive rights to show their cable news to the airport audience. The news is a bit different than what you’d see at home. For example, they don’t show news about airplane crashes. If you’ve ever watched it, it is still Anti-Trump and full of bias and inaccuracies.

When I am on a cruise ship, a river boat, or in a hotel, foreign or American, that shows only CNN, I think of all of the minds listening to the malarkey that is being said, and the vitriol toward our President that they spew 24/7.

News affects people. It affects their opinions, and their attitudes and their behaviors in many instances. News is not benign. CNN knows it.

Think of the millions of people that fly. They pass through airports, they are somewhat of a captive audience, and they hear CNN. People go to bars and restaurants, and they get CNN.

Bartenders have told me lots of people ask for the channel to be changed to Fox News, but they are not allowed to or can’t even get it. It took the longest time before I could get it in most hotels in the US, but definitely not internationally still.

So my question to FOX NEWS is, where are you? If we all agree that news shapes opinion, and that news is a very powerful and important tool to help shape those opinions, why is Fox not in the game?

If Fox believes in what they do, and if they believe that their message is a better, more honest, more patriotic message than their competitors, they need to be in all of the venues they can be in.

As evidenced by the ratings, Fox is the preference of Americans for cable news. They have a more conservative message, they are more patriotic and support (for the most part) our President, our police and our military. Their motto is “fair and balanced news”.

In a national climate where there is so much dissension, and in a world climate where our allies and enemies devour news from America, it would be a powerful tool for conservatives to be able to spread our voices to people that may not normally tune in to Fox due to their political bias or lack of time, or any other reason. To be able to touch millions of people with a more conservative message, a more honest version of American news is an opportunity that Fox should be totally invested in and do whatever it takes to get those contracts in their own hands instead of CNN’s.

Imagine the impact on the tone of our discourse if the news had less vitriol towards our President. What they hear on European channels affects European thought about America. Let’s put our best message forward to the world, not our worst.

Fox, we need your message. Let’s change what we can change in the political climate and the fake news campaigns and give more people a chance to hear a better network than CNN when they travel.

It can only help Fox’s ratings, and more importantly, it can help uninformed voters and influencers to hear more honest news reporting done without the extreme liberal, and socialistic slant. It may make the world a tiny bit kinder and more tolerant. Fox, what are you waiting for?