'Clinton and Trump Have Both Missed the Mark for Black Americans' says Tom Broadwater 2

Nobody is truly talking about the real problems that illegal immigration is causing – specifically to minority Americans. Folks don’t seem to grasp that the very programs they support, and the very politicians they endorse and will vote for – are the very cause of what ails them, their communities and their country.

Speaking before an audience of Black women, Hillary Clinton promised new public policies she believes could make the country “freer, fairer and stronger” relative to opportunities for children and fairness for families, including more support for families trying to balance child-care and work, affordable child care, paid family leave and equal pay for women. Is this not part of the problem to begin with – more support, more programs, more of what has created this culture – rather than a helping-hand up and not a hand out – ideas – education – jobs?

Clinton didn’t remind her Black women’s audience that she is supporting work visas, amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for some illegal aliens that would legitimize up to 33M current and future immigrants to compete for jobs in the American economy. A4W feels that omission was purposeful and somewhat deceitful by Clinton as over 8 percent of black Americans are unemployed. Younger people are the worst off. Three in 10 black teens can’t find jobs. Nearly 18 percent of Hispanic youth face a similar predicament. Trump made no comment in his speech about the negative impact of legal and illegal immigrant workers on Black unemployment but has made his overall position on immigration clear in previous statements.

“Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are inherently flawed, and both inherently conflicted, when it comes to addressing the economic interests of black and hispanic Americans,” says Thomas Broadwater.

Thomas D. Broadwater, Jr.
Thomas D. Broadwater, Jr.

Joining me for a discussion on the challenges of Black America…  Thomas D. Broadwater, Jr., Esq. is the president of Americans4Work, a Washington, D.C. non-profit focused on increasing employment opportunities for Americans, especially minorities. Tom has served in senior executive roles with large and small American companies, including general management roles at USWEST and Microsoft and as president of BROADSERV, a professional services company that supports U.S.-based information technology organizations. He is a licensed Attorney and member of the District of Columbia and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Bars.

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