One of the least understood yet most important victories that the progressive left has had over the Western Civilization was the indoctrination in the vast majority of new generation Westerners of the idea that discrimination was a bad thing. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth; not only is discrimination a good thing, it is an absolute condition for civilization. And no, I am not talking about some watered-down definition of the word, neither am I playing semantic tricks with you, my readers. I am talking about the exact, old-fashioned definition of the word “discrimination” that we have all been taught so well to hate.

Specifically, I am talking about discrimination against and among people. Civilization necessitates that we discriminate against people who engage in immoral, unethical, impure, and criminal behavior. Even more specifically, civilization dictates that we discriminate against adulterers, homosexuals, pedophiles, fraudsters, thieves, and murderers. 

Now, discrimination as an action varies. Certainly, it cannot take the same form for murderers and adulterers, homozexuals and thieves. In some cases, discrimination may take the form of a court-ordained death penalty. In others, a simple disapproval is all that is called for. In the very recent past, only a few decades ago, most Western jurisdictions had laws against homosexuality, pedophilia, and adultery. Now, only pedophilia is criminalized and even that will soon fade away. The laws against homosexuality and adultery were rarely if at all enforced; they were on the books to draw a bright line between what was acceptable civilized behavior and what was not. Most importantly, these laws were put in place to protect the weak members of society against the powerful.

The wives of adulterers could use these laws to obtain divorces on favorable terms and in extreme cases see their husbands go to jail or face heavy fines. Homosexuality, regardless of the ridiculously false and sugarcoated facade it had recently been given, is a predatory practice in which powerful adult males prey on younger and weaker ones. Laws against homosexuality were not designed to break down bedroom doors, they were there to protect young boys from being preyed upon by their teachers, priests, and upperclassmen. 

It is undeniably true that in practice these laws more often than not fell woefully short of their intended target; they failed to protect choir boys and freshmen alike. And yet, their misapplication negated neither their usefulness nor their righteousness. 

The fall of the Western civilization, a grand historical drama, the tragic end of which we are now witnessing, can be traced to the sexual revolution of the 1960’s and the corresponding birth of the feminist movement.

As if on cue, bastions of Western civilization from Scandinavia to California began emptying their collective cartloads of intellectual, spiritual, and moral achievement of anything that had any value. Gone were the Bible and the writings of the Christian philosophers, gone the works of Rablais and of Cervantes, of Goethe and of Dostoyevsky. 

The Talmud famously postulates that upon coming to a narrow one-lane bridge, the empty cart must give way to the full. And boy, did the West do a good job of emptying its cart. But we can only wish that it had stopped there. Not content with burning every shred of its cultural heritage, the West, led by the very people who were supposed to be the gatekeepers of its civilization, proceeded to fill its communal cart with every possible abomination, with every bit of filth, with every repugnant impurity that only the Devil himself could surely have dreamt of.  

Politically, the battle for the West’s survival was lost when the so-called American conservatives decided that money was all they cared about. “Consenting adults behind closed doors”, they called it.

After two millennia of caring about what these same adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms above all else, this new generation of Westerners, specifically American Westerners, decided that they would cede the cultural, ethical, moral, and religious ground to Satan as long as they could line their pockets with silver shekels. 

As a Jew, the story of Judah selling Jesus out for a few silver coins is one that is both very personal and very painful to me. Countless ancestors of mine were killed because of this act of betrayal by a man who was eponymously named with my own tribe. Whether this act was historically true or simply a legend, matters little; the slaughter that this tale had caused was very real. 

What then can be said of those Republicans, of those “conservatives”, of those Americans that sold Jesus out yet again? Judah’s act of betrayal involved his teacher, his rabbi, perhaps even his Messiah (according to his own belief). American conservatives sold out not their teacher, but their God, their Savior, their Lord, and in doing so they have sealed the fate of their country and with it, of the entirety of the Western civilization.

Some mistakes can be fixed. This is not one of them. Once Judah told the Romans where to find Jesus, history could never be the same. Once Americans sold Jesus out the second time six decades ago, history took a similarly irrevocable turn. 

You see, my friends, Western civilization is far from being the only one. It is only the best, or at least, it had been. It is a civilization that throughout its history was the most human, the most humane, the most prosperous, and the most free. Writing these lines, I remember the continuous genocide that the West engaged in against the Jews, my people. From the crusades to the Holocaust, Jews have suffered the most from the Western penchant for religious zeal and the West’s excellence in conquering in killing. Many indigenous people have also experienced this aspect of Western civilization. And yet, all that we are now we owe to the West. Jews and Gentiles, Europeans and non-Europeans, our lives had been made vastly better by this civilization that is now crumbling in real time in front of us.

Other civilizations, those that do not have the Western appreciation for individual freedom and the resulting heights to which the human spirit, once unshackled, can soar, will step in to fill the civilizational vacuum now opening in the West. From Islam to China, from Russia to India, there are many civilizations that yet survive with their traditional values intact.

These civilizations, these full carts, will push the excrement-laden cart of the West off the bridge and into the abyss of history. There will be no place left in which homosexuals are treated equally with heterosexuals, nor should there be. One is impure, the other pure. One is death, the other life. That simple truth is really all that matters in the end. No civilization can long endure that doesn’t passionately care about good and bad, wrong and right, yours and mine. No civilization can survive that does not discriminate between those who follow God and those who follow the Devil. 

Yes, they are very unseemly, ghastly even, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin. They are cruel, cunning, they care nothing for the individual freedom and happiness of their countrymen. And yet, they adhere much more closely to the way of life than the various Bushes and Clintons, Pelosis and Obamas. Nature is with them and so is God; how can they lose?