The “Civil Unrest” we are experiencing on our streets today; wait, wait, let me rephrase that, the “anarchy” we are experiencing on our streets today is in fact the beginning of the Marxist Utopia long planned for⏤but delayed Revolution they expected would make a Socialist America, a fait accompli. Make no mistake, do not be fooled, the American Democrat Party is the party of Marxism, their continued existence is ensured by the far Left’s media propagandists.  

But, Trump’s unexpected arrival like a “bull in a china shop,” totally shocked the system, a dysfunctional bureaucracy composed of “effete establishment elites,” Deep State bureaucrats, and Republican politicians fearful of not being taken seriously or of being excluded from dispensing the “goodies” the State provides to slavish voters awaiting their free ‘benefits.’  

For elected politicians, who are really nonessential workers of the state, their own Job security is paramount and the Republican ones, like dogs licking the hand of the Masters who feed them, are willing to go along to get along and comply with the demands of the Democrat mob –

…for peaceful purposes of course! 

Trump’s election interrupted the Marxists cunning plans for dragging America into the New World (Socialist) Order. For Democrats, the 2020 election now has only one purpose, to prevent Trump’s re-election or neuter his next term by installing enough Democrat Senators and Congressmen to override his veto’s of their bills and stop Trump’s Make America Great Again campaign, all to create the utopian Socialist State as an equal state among equals.

There is no debate with Marxists on any issue that supports a continued Constitutional America. The once considered important issue of separate and enumerated powers, checks and balances and other stratagems of representative government in a functional republic are being challenged by the power of the gun in the hands of the fascists we see on our streets today. 

What conservative Americans, who will refuse to accept a Socialist America don’t understand is why we are facing this problem anyway. Why don’t our Republican politicians stand up and defend America from the invading Hun? When did the morality and civic virtue of our Republican politicians disappear? 

Why do they join the Left in the cacophony of blaming the Police for all of America’s problems? One word fits the bill: “Racism!” Everybody can understand the evils of racism, except when its directed toward white policemen.

The Founding Fathers believed a “faith in God” was a necessary precondition for government to work well. A moral society, they said, doesn’t need government to control them but, their must be a willingness on the part of good citizens to occasionally turn from the individual pursuit of self-interest and donate directly and disinterestedly to the community good.

American volunteerism is endemic and shows beyond doubt that Americans are a giving people by the volunteer hours recorded and money donated. So, that does not constitute a social problem except that it interferes with the Left’s screed that only big government is capable of providing for the masses, it highlights a moral vitality that is non-existent in Socialist societies.  

Democrats attempt to fill their void by the device of “virtue signaling if indeed there is a virtue to be considered. The old Republican virtues of temperance, prudence, moderation, self-control have been swept away by the screams of anarchists and the wailing of victims families.

America has arrived at its ultimate choice, their Revolution or fight for our Rights!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way, Now go sic ’em!