⏯ Citizens Risking Their Lives For Their Police

Listen to the television or radio, read the newspaper or a magazine, surf the internet and the one common theme you’d come away with – is that Americans are at odds with the entire law enforcement community. It seems Americans have had enough with POLICE OFFICERS being the target of senseless killings. The media and political elites have made it their mission to destroy the bond that exists between America’s Finest and its Citizens. BUT NOT SO FAST! Watch Lt Randy Sutton, who is the National Spokesman for Blue Lives Matter, as he highlights regular folks who make the courageous decision to step in and SAVE the life of a police officer.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Vickie Tillman 56 year old woman in Baton Rouge saw officer Billie Aime who was in a fight for his life. The suspect had grabbed his baton away and was beating him with it while trying to get the officers gun. She jumped on his back and pulled his arm away from the gun until backup got there. Vickie Tillman, along with the other citizens highlighted in this special production are TRUE AMERICAN HEROES!

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