The Chinese government announced that a new strain of virus had infected a number of people in the Wuhan City in a province of China very early January 2020, they reported 27 cases. On January 29 they reported 6532 cases. By the first week in March they have reported over 70,000 cases and 3500 dead. All the while the Chinese government has been very reluctant to release any details on how this virus got into the public domain, not providing dates of first exposure. Where and when it happened and what were the circumstances around it. They did not provide information of how extensive the exposures had been and what other parts of China have been exposed. 

Are we to believe this was an accident, maybe just a coincidence related to some research they were doing, or part of a planned attack on the Western world’s economies? And there are always the conspiracy theories of⏤was China doing this alone or with governments they are allied with? How likely is it that this virus would just leak out of its container, infect the number of people and then run rampant through a city of 11 million? 

Refer to my earlier talk – The Virus Threats as a Weapon (biological espionage)

Without anybody really being aware of it? Remember, the Chinese government has seen their economy deliver some of the worst performances that it has achieved in the previous 50 years. Pressure from the Trump administration has an adverse effect on their economy. Tariffs and negotiations have pressured the Chinese and affected imports in the United States, leading to long and drawn out trade negotiations which Pres. Trump has no intentions of backing down from. Malcolm has a few thoughts and theories…

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