While the Democrats and legacy media natter on and on about the lack nonexistent crimes in support of their false impeachment narrative, the Chinese are preparing their dining table upon which to eat our lunch. While the once-vaunted, now evil, Democrats have warped into the un-American Progressive Democrat Party, the Chinese are preparing to let America wither – or fight a hopeless war without winners. How so?

As China is building an ocean-roaming navy, the USN is building ships to fight another Afghan-type war of littoral unarmored aluminum (!) ships. That would be the “Littoral Combat Ship.” Dumb, dumb, dumb! Check this out:

The U.S. Navy’s newest class of small surface combatants, the Littoral Combat Ships, come with a few minor flaws. They don’t have the firepower to hit anything more than a few miles away. They’re unlikely to survive being hit by anything in return. They cost more than twice as much as promised, and require 75 percent more crew to operate than planned for. The modular-mission capabilities that were a key selling point had to be abandoned. And they’re breaking down constantly.

Pretty damning, no? Read the rest here.

We need a brass-knuckle Navy, not a fleet of ocean-going yachts! Lots of state-of-the-art electronics and effective ordnance! If you are REALLY interested in the LCS class of US Navy ships, here is some more information about the two variants in the class.

Meanwhile, the Chinese are making investments all over Latin America while the Inter-American Defense Board (IADB) helplessly stands by. For example, here is what they’re doing in Panama, which is central to Chinese plans to control world commerce and “make the Caribbean a Chinese lake”:

“The Panama Canal was the great work of the industrial age, as symbolic to the U.S. as the Great Wall is to China,” said Richard Koster, a novelist and historian who has been an analyst of Panamanian politics since he first set foot on the isthmus as a Marine in 1957. “The Chinese plan to develop a permanent presence in Panama.”

Xi’s designs on Panama are clear. In the nearly two years since the establishment of relations, China and Panama have signed over 30 bilateral agreements. In December 2018, Xi Jinping became the first Chinese premier to visit Panama, accompanied by an entourage of executives from dozens of companies in the country’s construction, telecommunications, and financial sectors. At the accompanying trade show in Panama City’s Atlapa Convention Center, outgoing president Varela was shown around stands representing firms including Huawei and China Railway Design Corporation—hawking a new $4 billion high-speed railway project for the country. At the event, copies of the Diario Chino Latinoamericano, a local paper serving the Chinese community, were handed out. On the cover, a giant photo of Xi was superimposed on an aerial shot of the Panama Canal.

Chinese firms are finalists to build major metro and power projects, and in the past, dubious changes to the contracting process have worked in their favor. Panama could soon become the Latin American nation with the highest levels of Chinese investment on a per capita basis. China Railways has already established their regional headquarters in Panama City, while the telecoms giant Huawei has made the Colón free trade zone, on the Caribbean coast, a distribution hub for its electronic systems. With access to two oceans and one of the continent’s best-connected airports, it’s easy to imagine Panama as the center of a wheel, with spokes reaching out around the region.

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The Chinese making investments all over Latin America. Here’s an article about Chinese investment in Bolivia.

Bolivia, you might ask; why is of interest to the Chinese there? Because Bolivia has the largest known deposit of lithium in the world. Maybe there are a lot of Chinese with bipolar disorder? Or maybe they’ll charge Big Pharma a premium to obtain a supply.

And in the military sector, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) now has a “space monitoring installation” in Argentina that likely has military uses, a topic of apparently passing interest to the IADB:

The Argentine province of Neuquén is known for its lakes, volcanoes, ski slopes, and oil fields. Its latest feature, however, clashes with the Patagonian landscape: a 450-ton, 48-meter high by 35-meter wide antenna, operated by the Chinese military. The huge antenna is part of the Far Space Station of the China Satellite Launch and Tracking Control General (CLTC), a division of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. The complex was built on 200 hectares of land the Argentine government ceded China for 50 years.

The main problem is that there is no mechanism that guarantees Argentina or the international community any monitoring of exactly what goes on in that unit. The issue is whether the station is part of a Chinese network similar to the global surveillance program known as the ECHELON Network, which uses similar technology to intercept communications.

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What is the IADB?

The Inter-American Defense Board (IADB) is a statutory entity of the Organization of American States (OAS); its purpose is to provide the OAS and its Member States with technical and educational advice and advisory services on matters related to military and defense issues in the Hemisphere, thus contributing to the fulfillment of the OAS Charter as per its current statutes dating to March 15, 2006.

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However, IADB became a toothless tiger, thanks to Obama. Will President Trump revive the IADB and take collective action to reverse Chinese encroachment in Latin America? The jury is still out.

A pessimistic me wonders if President James Monroe is horrified in his grave as the Founders’ dream for the US comes near to an end.

Evil forces are diligently digging a grave for America as the nouveau Progressive Party of One World Democrats tries to destroy our 240-year-old experiment in individual and economic freedoms – the likes of which the world has never seen before!

The Democrat Progressives want socialism, communism, power to rule, and elitism, a la Woodrow Wilson’s dream of Big Brother and Worker Bees to make civilization richer for Big Brother.

Letting the Chinese achieve world economic supremacy in accordance with their “Made in China 2025” initiative would be par for the Progressives’ course since many of them are already on the Chinese take (think Diane Feinstein and the Clintons for starters!). And letting the Chinese military continue to violate the Monroe Doctrine in the Western Hemisphere is bad for America’s future.

Present-day registered Democrats must be the most ignorant or the most-evil folks on the planet. The average ignorant Democrat apparently doesn’t see the train coming as they sit upon the tracks. Those Democrats who ARE aware (the evil ones) are licking their chops to sit pick up the scraps from the Chinese dinner table. Imagine the likes of Elizabeth Warren, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, or Crazy Bernie calling the shots here in America!

We can beat this if we’d only awaken and take hold of our and our kids’ future. Such total idiots as the Democrats’ Star Wars bar scene (a/k/a Democrat presidential candidates) are already stitching up their White Flag of Surrender to become Big Sister to the Chinese Communists in Beijing.

2020 will be a watershed election, folks – at least as important as the 2016 election was. It’s not too early to get engaged in the process by supporting President Trump and like-minded candidates, including in the Republican primaries! What are you prepared to do?  

The end.

Image: Xinhua via Reuters