Just as quick as a New York or Virginia governor can advocate for sacrificing babies to the “god of Choice”, i.e. Moloch, Terry Beatley cuts through the lies of the pro-abortion/pro-death politicians and calls out their new abortion tactics for what they really are – murder. It is a blood sacrifice of the innocents which is written about extensively in the Old Testament. It has taken many forms and in many different cultures, but make no mistake – what Governor Cuomo signed into law is murder… child sacrifice… the shedding of innocent blood. Now Virginia Gov. Northam will “keep the baby comfortable” while he watches the little girl or boy die. Talk about Democrat compassion!

The only silver lining in all of this insanity is that Satan has overplayed his hand and awakened even the “mushy middle”. You know, the millions of people who don’t feel good about abortion, but they bought the lie that every woman should have the right to slaughter her baby…ooops, “women’s healthcare.”

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