Anyone who has walked through a field in the summertime has probably had the very unpleasant experience of waking up a day or two later with a bunch of annoying, itching, little red bumps all over their bodies. Especially in some parts of the body where it’s difficult to scratch in polite society. Chiggers, the bane of summertime fun!

Scientifically, Chiggers are a tiny species of mite from the same family as spiders and ticks. So small that it is difficult to see them without a magnifying glass. They are red in color and congregate in fields, brushy areas, and around stream banks. Contrary to popular belief Chiggers don’t burrow into one’s skin and feast on human blood. It’s the enzymes they excrete after they attach to your skin that causes the eventual raised red bump on your body that itches so much.

Usually after a few days the Chigger detaches from your skin, leaving behind the annoying red bump. Even after that happens Chiggers can keep you awake at night and drive you crazy for the two or three weeks it takes for the ‘bite’ to finally go away.

Chiggers aren’t dangerous unless the constant scratching leads to a bad infection, generally they’re just an annoyance. Democrats on the other hand have proven to be much more annoying and much more dangerous. And Democrats simply won’t go away as Chiggers eventually do.

And while Chiggers don’t really seem to have any real value or serve any useful purpose, it’s really a toss-up in my opinion as to which is more useless, Chiggers or Democrats. Personally I’d prefer to put up with a Chigger infestation than Democrat control of any branch of our government. Once Democrats take control they are much more annoying, and do much more damage to our country. Like a really bad infection.

Right now we have a couple of dozen Democrats running for President of the United States, spending all of their time denigrating the progress that has been made by President Trump after he took over from the dismal eight year performance of his predecessor, Democrat Barack Obama.

By every measure the Trump economy has been magnificent in just two years. Yet the Democrats continually downplay the amazing economic performance of the Trump Administration. Trying hard to convince us all that things aren’t as good as they are, or as good as they’ll be under Democrats.

For eight years under Obama our economy was stagnant. The United States was also viewed as weak and ineffective on the world stage. Obama was viewed as nothing more than a novelty, a lightweight and amateur by other world leaders.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin didn’t even bother to conceal the disdain he felt towards Barack Obama, and Obama was clearly intimidated by the Russian leader as much as he might protest that he wasn’t. Under President Trump we’re not seeing all the shirtless photographs of Putin that were a staple during the Obama years. President Trump isn’t impressed and Putin knows it.

The same can be said about the Islamic Republic of Iran. An enemy that has been at war with the United States since 1979. Iran ran roughshod over Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry, smiling to themselves as Obama and Kerry capitulated and accepted a completely one-sided nuclear agreement. An agreement that basically sold us out to a regime that has repeatedly called for the destruction of “the Great Satan”, Iran’s pet name for the United States.

President Trump will not hesitate to use force if necessary to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon it can use to threaten and terrorize its neighbors in the region. Or eventually even use through their proxies against Israel or the United States. Something Iran would not hesitate to do if given the chance.

Iran is now much less confident of their ultimate success in destroying America as it was during the Obama years. And while their bellicosity continues unabated Iran knows that President Trump will not be intimidated. Iran has lost their ally in the White House.

American cannot afford to put another novelty act or amateur, or a worn out failure back into the Presidency. Democrats destroy everything they touch, turning economic miracles into stagnation, inflation, and poverty, and weakening America internationally. The current crop of Democrats running for President are determined to complete Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of the United States. Changing America from an economically thriving and once again proud world leader, and reverting back to the days of malaise, stagnation, and weakness under Barack Obama.