This Coronavirus business is another ‘Chicken Little’ story, an opportunity created by Trump’s political foes, fueled by the media due to the inadvertent opportunity presented by Chinese adventurism. The sole purpose of which is to trash President Trump’s economic miracle so he does not survive the 2020 election against the Democrats intellectual and business astute presumptive candidate, Quid Pro Joe Biden. I don’t see it happening but the danger lurks.

That the coronavirus was a potential Chinese PLA germ warfare project gone awry is quickly being ignored because the media has determined that to say so is “racist.” Nevertheless the ‘chicken littles’ in the media, and there’s a lot of ’em, have launched a full court press to implicate President Trump as responsible for this sordid business. They behave like they are already experts on bio-germ warfare and have concluded the potential danger imposed on commercial America must have come from Mar-a-Largo. Where else? 

America is shutting down! Why? Because the media, like a deadly virus itself, is spreading their screed to scare the hell out of people, groups and commercial organizations who are afraid they could be sued because some snowflake who contracts the Flu, wasn’t warned by the franchise of the possibilities within the confines of their venue. 

Sports venues are now without customers. The pages of sports history books for 2020 school league team rankings will be blank. Overseas commerce is being throttled, and China, who manufactures nearly all of our pharmaceuticals because of NAFTA, sees the first opportunity to thwart Donald Trump’s balanced trade deals back into their favor by withholding the curing drugs only they have from the American market.   

The madness goes on. Really stupid people who have become politicians at the local levels, deem it important to declare no gatherings of 100 or more people would be allowed until the skies cleared, the sun shines and the threat is over.

It was the media who seized the opportunity to spread the flames of fear and the heat caught on and now, nearly everybody is in chicken little panic mode.

China tells us their Coronavirus cases have slowed down. Nonsense! China lies like they always do, and the media clings to their false claims like scripture. I don’t believe them for a second. Look how many countries have caught the fear fever because the US government is now prohibiting non-US citizens from the 26 countries of the European Union’s Schengen Area, or who have visited the Schengen Area in the previous two weeks from entering the US. The US policy is in effect as of 13 Mar, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Daylight and is intended to last for thirty days. Only England is excepted.

Anyway, good or bad, our President is doing something Obama didn’t do, take action to slow down the supposed contagion. Yet the Democrats are not happy. No media interviewer has yet to ask Joe Biden what he would do. All we hear so far is how that awful Trump is mucking up the works and needs to be replaced in 2020. 

Can you imagine for an instant, the government back in Democrat hands with Quid Pro Joe propped up at the helm? Obama’s cadre of commies would swarm up out of their sewers and America would be forced, this time into accepting Socialism, most probably at the point of a gun. Certainly, either guns will be confiscated or the fight will will go on. We’re in trouble folks!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em?