He Cheated Death Twice

He cheated death twice and after turning his back on traditional medical care, Joey Smith went on a search for answers to his debilitating illness himself, and what he discovered not only turned his health around but proved in profound ways just how bad ‘stress’ really is.

Joey was diagnosed in 2001 with multiple sclerosis, a once healthy, vibrant man with a nice corporate job making a good living, had a big house, and was happily married with a couple of kids. He was living the American dream except for one thing – he hated his job. What he didn’t realize until his health failed him was the price he was to pay for doing something he didn’t enjoy.

Joey Smith is an internet marketing coach who helps people achieve personal effectiveness and business success. He is also a drummer – another one of his passions. He was seemingly healed from multiple sclerosis when he stopped doing a job he hated and started doing what he loved.

In the show today Joey explains how the stress of unhappiness adversely affects our DNA, but when we’re happy and have a love for life and are doing what we are passionate about our DNA is invigorated, and this CAN make the difference between good health and bad.

He basically says that a happy life makes for happy cells and happy cells makes for a happy and healthy body. Of course, it’s usually never just one thing that causes our health problems – it’s a conglomerate of things but it’s often that ONE thing that can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Don’t be a statistic – Joey got lucky – but you may not be. If you’re not happy with your job or any other aspect of your life then listen to this show as it may just change your life.

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