Dear readers, first and foremost, I would like to state clearly once again, that I am not AGAINST Muslims because they are actually the FIRST and WORST victims of the CULT of Muhammad called Islam but I am without a shadow of a doubt, against the teachings of Muhammad’s Quran and Sunna, the foundations of Sharia.

Please bear in mind, that no Muslim is born evil, but almost all of them are brainwashed by Muhammad’s Quran that turns them into Hatemongering, Warmongering, Racist, Misogynist, Intolerant and unquestionably slavish creatures to their Cult belief system of Islam.

I have chosen the MALE followers of Muhammad only, because they are the perfect replicas – CLONES – of Muhammad. They have had no choice in the matter since they have been programmed and indoctrinated by their religious leaders to believe that Muhammad was the most PERFECT MALE BEING that has ever walked the surface of this Earth; superior even to Jesus, Moses and Abraham.

Hence, all his Male followers must EMULATE his SUNNA, that is his deeds, behaviour, thoughts and sayings therefore Islam is a CULT not a religion.

I have purposefully ignored the FEMALE followers of Muhammad since Muhammad and his cloned male followers, consider females as Inferior beings not much higher in the ladder of evolution than Domestic Animals; stupid creatures; harbingers of Evil thoughts; Seducers of men, as well as constituting the largest number of the dwellers of Hell for being Disobedient to their husbands.

I do not state these things to insult or out of malice to Muslims, but because this was and is, exactly how Muhammad and his Male followers perceive them and the Hadiths are replete with stories that are Insulting, Humiliating, Degrading, Outrageous and Threatening towards all the Females of the human species.

The Male followers of Muhammad use Muhammad’s Quran and Sunna to Enslave, Terrorize, Subjugate, Humiliate and Control the Body, Soul and Intellect of their females.

I believe, without any reservations, that the SALVATION of Muhammadan Islam resides only in the Enfranchisement and Liberation of their Female believers.

Since I support wholeheartedly the enlightenment and empowerment of all the female followers of Muhammad, I cannot therefore include them as carrying the same malevolent characteristics as the males.

It is a fact that the male followers of Muhammad have to live in a warped and unreal TWILIGHT ZONE of an intellectually and emotionally dysfunctional world of DENIAL! DENIAL! DENIAL! Because the moment they would agree with ANY of my observations, statements or conclusions, that would be the very beginning of the disintegration of their whole belief system.

Ladies and gentlemen, please be aware of the following Characteristics of the Muslim male followers of Muhammad are true irrespective of Nationality, Race, Colour, Tradition or Culture:

1  They exhibit obscene degrees of Hypocrisy, Mendacity, Duplicity and Institutionalized Racism

2  These are compounded with a Pathological and Depraved indifference to Facts, Reality, Mercy, Compassion, Logic, Morality, Justice, Knowledge, Religion, Veracity, Friendship, Loyalty and Language

3  Their perverted view of Unbelievers/ Kuffar/ Infidels (80% of current non Muslim humanity of 8.5 Billion beings) is based entirely on the enormous number of verses in Muhammad’s Quran and Sunnah that are hatemongering, warmongering, discriminatory , mendacious and vile that permeate their chapters

4  Those unbelievers whom I call Ummat al Kuffar/ Nation of Infidels are, without exception: All Christians; Buddhists; Hindus; Sikhs; Jews; Animists; Zoroasterians; Agnostics; Atheists etc; all those who do not believe as Muslims do

5  Not a single one of these male Muslims, can ever counter any statement or observation made in our articles about the Quran or Hadiths, using logic or knowledge but only ignoramus emotional and outrageous outbursts of unrestrained anger at being incapable of disproving any of these statements and conclusions

6  They are the only followers – in the whole world – of a cult belief system that invariably show their ‘resentment’ and or ‘anger’ by holding their ‘holy’ Quran in one hand and weapons of death and destruction in the other, while screaming the TERROR VERSE of “Allahu^Akbar”

7  They are masters at the art of denial and the best in the world for blaming all others for their own misfortunes, ignorance, shortcomings and stupidity

8  Their hatred of the Jews especially is as intense, as cowardly and lopsided as that of the NAZIS – whom they make every effort to emulate – in spite of the FACT that there are over 1.5 billion followers of Muhammad against only a tiny 15 million Jews worldwide

9  They are willing to commit suicide only because they actually believe – in their warped, perverted and indoctrinated mind – that they will end up having unlimited sexual, sensual and carnal pleasures with 72 virgins after death; the very same pleasures that they are denied in real LIFE on Earth, in Muhammad’s Whorehouse version of Paradise

10  No matter how many facts are shown to them based entirely on the Arabic language and their own books, they would block all this evidence and recede into the abyss of mendacity, of denial and the mirage of alleged past glories and fantasies. In short, they have mastered the art of Intellectual, Theological and Political Masturbation

Let me now share with you a few examples about these characteristics some of which may overlap:

Hypocrisy: They demand justice and equality under the law in the Western democracies but they deny any of them in their own Muhammadan Muslim states to all so called unbelievers/ kuffar

Mendacity: They claim that the Quran was a divine revelation when in fact every Biblical reference therein contradicts the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament

Institutionalized Racism: It is a fact that they hate and attack all those who do not believe as they do, 80% of humanity as well as they blatantly discriminate against their believing Muslim females

Indifference to facts and reality: No matter how much one can prove to them – based entirely on the Arabic language of the Quran, Hadiths and their books – the contradictions between the Quran and the Bible, they declare that the Jews and Christians had Perverted these books while at the same time, they exhaustively and ironically quote from these same books and the Quran uses them as Witnesses to its own veracity.

Moreover, although they watch daily on their TV regarding the depraved behaviour of other followers of Muhammad around the world – such as suicide bombings, butchering etc, they still deny all and everything claiming absurdly that these barbaric acts have nothing to do with Islam.

Indifference to mercy or compassion: The world watches aghast and in terror the bestial acts committed in the name of Allah not only against unbelievers/ kuffar/ infidels but also against other Muslims of a different sect or political affiliation.

Indifference to morality and justice: Their Sharia laws discriminate against not only Unbelievers but also against all the Female followers of Muhammad as well as other sects of Islam.

Indifference to knowledge and religion: They deliberately destroy the temples and objects of reverence that belong not only to Unbelievers but even to the shrines of other sects of Islam and teach their children that the Earth is FLAT and that Islam is the ONLY TRUE religion in history.

Indifference to language: They deliberately deceive and mislead the unwary, and those who do not understand the Arabic language, for example, that ISLAM means Peace which is not true since it ONLY means Submission;

that Allah is God when in fact Allah is NOT God but is the NAME of the supreme pagan rock god of the Quraysh tribe in Mecca centuries before Muhammad metamorphosed him into the God of the Bible in his Quran.

Indifference to veracity and loyalty: No true follower of Muhammad can ever be LOYAL to any state which is NOT a Muslim state.

The Quran, in perfectly clear and unambiguous Arabic, FORBIDS the followers of Muhammad to befriend Christians, Jews and all Unbelievers or be under their control.

The Male followers of Muhammad who have found security, freedom and financial success by escaping from their own God forsaken countries, now do their worst to undermine the very states and peoples that have given them citizenship to pull them down into the ABYSS and DARK AGES of Islam.

To understand this total illogic, readers must remember the following:

“A belief, is not merely an idea that the mind possesses; it is in fact, an idea that totally possesses the mind.”

The male followers of Muhammad ‘WIN’ their arguments only through terror just as Muhammad did 1400 years ago when he had anyone criticizing him MURDERED.

I believe that it is better to die ONCE a FREE human being than to LIVE an eternity as a SLAVE.

Dear Americans, please ponder the above issues and use them as means to counter the lies and deceptions perpetrated by the followers of Muhammad and their supporters against all those who are ignorant of the facts.

In summation, the following are the shortest sentences that fully encapsulate Muslims and Islam:

a.  It is impossible to be BOTH a Good Muslim and a Loyal citizen among Infidels/ Kuffar/ Non Mulims

b.  Because every Muslim is Sharia compliant, therefore every Muslims is the Eternal and Mortal ENEMY of every Infidel/ Kafir/ Non Muslim on Earth (currently 80% of humanity)

We need your support by disseminating these articles and comments all over the internet so that those who intend to do us harm realize that it is WAKE UP TIME about the FACTS regarding the Cult Belief System of Muhammadan Islam and that they cannot any more fool or terrorize ALL the people of the world.

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