The Character of a Man, Don’t be an Adam

Fathers have a vital responsibility to teach their sons how to be strong and responsible men as they grow up. It is clear that in the absence of a father, or at least a positive father figure in a young man’s life, he struggles to learn what it means to become a good man – one who shoulders responsibility, one who values hard work and determination, and one who will one day take on the responsibility of becoming a father and supporting a family. Teaching a young man how to become a responsible man involves more than just being there. It is a conscious process of mentoring, training and connecting that creates a desire and the skills needed for a boy to become the kind of man we all hope he becomes. It starts with understanding the key principles associated with being a great man and a great father and then both teaching them and living them in your own life.

When it comes to raising responsible young men who are God fearing, a man’s guidance is crucial. Being a role model is key when you want to raise a responsible child who becomes a responsible adult. But it needs to be done in a nurturing way that encourages them to participate and actually gets them excited about contributing. Otherwise, your child starts to see responsibilities as something they’re getting in trouble for instead of something that’s actually rewarding. Pick your battles when raising young men, and remember raising a responsible child is a long-term goal that won’t be completed overnight.

Meet Reverend Pastor Larry D. Johns, who will join me on the program for a most enlightening conversation on The Character of a Man, Don’t Be an Adam -Responsibility Obligation Accountability Dependability (R.O.A.D). (Genesis, Chapters 1-3). Enjoy as the Rev outlines R.O.A.D. as follows:

1. Responsibility. –God trusted Adam! (Gen. 2:7; 15-17)

God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden and he is given the responsibility to maintain it, watch over it. — It was Adam’s Duty.

2. Obligation. — Adam had a duty to fulfill! (Gen. 2:21-22; 3:1;6)

Adam had a duty to fulfill to ensure the integrity of the garden of eden remain as God gave it to him, his obligation to maintain the garden was to God, not his wife eve.

3. Accountability. –You can’t blame someone else (Gen. 3:12)

There Was Consequences For Adam’s Failure To Adhere To The Commands Of God As It Pertains To The Garden Of Eden.

4. Dependability/Reliability Man must depend and rely upon God (Gen. 3:17- 19)

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